• When frustrations rise…

    When frustrations rise…

    I was anxious and nervous about returning to my seemingly never-ending journey in the pursuit of finishing my Bachelor’s degree this September. I was not sure what it was. It had been roughly 18 months « … read more … »

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  • I am back in school…

    I am back in school…

    Many of you know that I started my pathway to return to school this fall (this past September). I have a variety of options because I am not a horrible student by any stretch of « … read more … »

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  • Cooking makes it better

    Cooking makes it better

    There are some things that you cannot will away no matter how much you try, for those you just have to cope. COPE How do I cope when things get a little rockier than I « … read more … »

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  • Good-bye, Nancy!

    Today was a sad day. Today I learned that my Aunt Nancy passed away. Today I learned that my Aunt Nancy lost her valiant battle with cancer. Today heaven welcomed another angel home. As sad « … read more … »

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  • Lance gets new glasses

    Lance gets new glasses

    About a month ago now, we had an unfortunate incident where Lance’s glasses got broken. They were even on his face. The funniest part about this is the incident involved my hand and smacking him « … read more … »

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  • I didn’t make it home

    I didn’t make it home

    I tried to leave Salt Lake City, Utah. I tried to go home. I left for the airport.    It was snowing lightly when I left Aunt Maude and Uncle Cordell’s house. You can’t see « … read more … »

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  • Travel home day!

    Travel home day!

    I woke up this morning feeling better about dropping Andrew off at the MTC. I will be honest, that was hard. This morning, however, I am better. Time eases that deep knowledge that I have « … read more … »

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  • I am going to miss him

    I am going to miss him

    Today is travel day to Salt Lake City. Today is the first leg of Andrew’s next milestone – mission! I would be lying if I was not a little sad. I am. My heart hurts « … read more … »

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  • Ditched the sponges

    Ditched the sponges

    I ditched the sponges a couple of months ago. I got tired of chasing them in the sink. I got tired of the smell. I got tired of them being dirty. I got tired of « … read more … »

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  • Parting pictures

    Parting pictures

    These are probably some of the last pictures I will personally take of my oldest son, Andrew, in such a “posed” setting. He needed a wallet sized picture of himself from the waist up to « … read more … »

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  • Proud of Andrew

    Proud of Andrew

    I had a very proud moment today. Even as parents of adults we get to have those moments although they seem to be more infrequent. Sometimes it takes a little while to get to those « … read more … »

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  • Great knitting resource

    Great knitting resource

    So my oldest son’s (Andrew) girlfriend (Emily) taught the youngest kids to knit over Thanksgiving. I have to say that she has a lot more patience than I do sometimes. It is not that I « … read more … »

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  • They would not let me…

    They would not give me a complete copy of Kyle’s entire school records folder so when they stepped out of the room to go copy what they were willing to copy, I took advantage of « … read more … »

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  • Dinner inspiration

    When you are on the count down to moving day, dinner time becomes rather interesting. I have pulled these things out of the freezer and they are in the sink semi-defrosting before they get thrown « … read more … »

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  • One last concert, one last good-bye!

    Kyle had one more concert. It gave him an opportunity to get in one more good-bye.  He is going to miss all these people. Mostly he is going to miss Mr. Ledford. He will miss « … read more … »

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  • Fairwell, awesome orchestra director!

    There are some people in your life that leave an impression. Then there are some people in your life that leave an impression so impressive that it will never be eroded away even with the « … read more … »

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  • Today’s rain adventure

    The rain has been relentless in the greater Houston area the past week. It has not let up much for very long.  This is what I drove into after picking Kyle up from school today. « … read more … »

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  • Lance’s almost last day of school

    Today is almost Lance’s last day of school. He has a couple more days to go. No, Lance cannot get in the car like a normal person. It is all in – bulldozer plow! This « … read more … »

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  • Houston Area Flooding is Real

    So you guys might be hearing about the crazy flooding in Houston – again. We’re on our 3rd round. We were actually on the road TO and FROM the Dallas area yesterday. We were signing « … read more … »

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  • Updated template…

    Welcome to the new updated template on my blog. There was a lot of nonsense going around in the blogosphere about changes that were happening. After reading about a bunch of it, I decided that « … read more … »

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