Dinner inspiration

When you are on the count down to moving day, dinner time becomes rather interesting.

I have pulled these things out of the freezer and they are in the sink semi-defrosting before they get thrown in the fridge for defrosting the rest of the way for dinner this week. A whole chicken. A seasoned pork tenderloin. A beef flank steak. And package that had 2 bacon wrapped steaks in it. Needless to say that I will be unable to participate in at least 2 of those items. Oh well. There will be left overs.

Why did I put them in the sink to partially defrost? We have discovered that my fridge is very efficient and it does not allow things to defrost in it especially if you place them certain places. I placed a beef roast in the fridge yesterday to defrost for today. It is still completely frozen. Shrug. It won’t work for dinner tonight, but I still put it in the oven to cook this afternoon. It will just take longer to cook than by “dinner time.”

So I had to come up with something else. Not a problem really, there were left overs in the fridge that we could eat again. Well the kids could eat again. They are probably getting tired of the pasta back, however. I needed something fresh. Thank you, Pinterest.

I came across this recipe: http://mealsatthemuirs.blogspot.com/2013/06/creamy-orzo-with-asparagus-and-parmesan.html

I had almost all the ingredients it called for. Almost. I did not have asparagus. Who eats that garbage, anyway? Yuck! I could substitute another green vegetable I did have. I would let the children decide. It was a brilliant plan. I did not have cream. Oops! I did, however, homemade cream of chicken soup which was made with cream. It would work. I can totally justify this. It is called improvisation for a reason. Besides, there was no protein in this dish so I was totally throwing in some chicken breasts cut up and sautéd so cream of chicken soup was totally going to work for me. What the heck, right? I was going for it.

And there you have it folks, dinner inspiration on a snap decision. I totally went for it. It is cooking now. We’ll see what the kids think.

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