Lance gets new glasses

About a month ago now, we had an unfortunate incident where Lance’s glasses got broken. They were even on his face. The funniest part about this is the incident involved my hand and smacking him in the face. 

We were lounging on the couch watching a movie and he was swinging my hand around in the air. He swung it right back at his face. My hand smacked him right in the face, right on the bridge of his glasses. Initially, we did not think anything of it. Then he noticed that they were crooked. It didn’t take long for this realization to occur mind you. 
Yep, I had broken his glasses. Mom broke his glasses! I did it. I am a bad mom! Bad!!! 
The little arm that holds the nose pad broke off. No fixing it. We were destined to have to find a new optometrist eventually. I just sped up the process. 
Fortunately, I was able to find one that took our insurance. They were taking new patients, had appointments fairly soon, and were fairly close to the house. The DFW area is huge so finding a doctor and/or specialist that takes our insurance near us has proven to be a bit tricky. 
Lance was our test patient with the new optometrist. I actually liked him more than I thought I would. It was hard to admit. I have been to others over the years and had bad results. I am hesitant. This optometrist leaves me hopeful. 
Andrew came home from Arizona a few days later after this incident to tell me his own glasses destruction story. We were able to get his Rx from Dr Jeffery Penn. We had my dad bring it up when they came up for Christmas. 
Since then, I have ordered two pairs of glasses from Zenni Optical online. I was very hesitant to try at first but I was more discouraged by the sudden increase of the cost of glasses even with our insurance. 
Today we got Lance’s new glasses. I am beyond impressed. 
I ordered 2 sun glass clips. They had two colors to choose from. I didn’t know which one he would like better so I got one of each. They were under $4-5 each so minimal cost. 
Lance really wanted half-rim/semi-rimless glasses. I was not opposed to them persay. I wear them and have been for about 10 years or so (give or take). Kyle wears them. Ben wears them. I am not opposed to them at all. My concern was that they were going on a 12 year old boy. They are durable. They just are little boy tough. So hesitant. These, however, seem to be sturdily made. 
As an extra, I got Lance’s name engraved on the inside of the arm of the glasses. If he ever loses them, they will know who they belong to. For less than $2 that was an extra peace of mind thing. Over the years we have had more than one pair of glasses go missing to never be seen again. 
These glasses total for the package delivered were under $45. That included the mid-range rushed shipping. That included the glasses, lenses, 2 sunglass clips, name engraving, hard case, and microfiber cleaning cloth. 
Lance’s only complaint thus far is they are a little loose over the ears. I need to take them somewhere to get them adjusted a little. Otherwise they are fine and cute to boot. The pictures do not do them justice. 
Andrew’s glasses were under $35 for them same package (different frames) excluding the engraving. 
Kyle has his visit with the optometrist at the end of the month. We will place an order with Zenni Optical for him as well.