Good-bye, Nancy!

Today was a sad day. Today I learned that my Aunt Nancy passed away. Today I learned that my Aunt Nancy lost her valiant battle with cancer. Today heaven welcomed another angel home.

As sad as I was, I was relieved that her suffering was over. I was overjoyed that she would get to go be with her son again. I was happy that she was done with her battle. I was sad. I was with a heavy heart, but I was comforted knowing that she was at peace.

Oh how grateful I am for the gospel of Jesus Christ and the comfort it brings. How grateful I am of the Plan of Salvation and the joy and comfort it brings. I am truly grateful that on Wednesday I dropped my oldest child, Andrew, off at the MTC so that he can help others learn about Eternal Families because that is what it is all about. That is the blessing that we have to comfort us at times like these.

I spent the day with my sister, Jennifer, today. My father felt that we should spend the day together. Nancy left us much sooner than expected. Unfortunately, we are facing a potential cancer battle in our direct family line as we wait to find out what our other sister, Ann, might have. It is an emotional time coming off of the death of our grandfather, Louis Patterson Hellewell. He also had cancer in additional to Alzheimer’s. Cancer sucks! It is a big ugly beast of a disease.

I am grateful that I was able to spend the day with my sister. I am grateful that I am able to drop everything and just go. I am grateful that my children are adaptable. I am grateful that my husband can pick up the pieces and send me out the door on a moment’s notice.

Our visit was cut short today because of the weather. Bad storms moved into the Dallas-Fort Worth area and were rapidly closing in on the Denton, TX area. I was about an hour drive from the area and the storms were being reported as being just over an hour from Denton. I booked it home. I got tagged by a police officer with his radar gun probably doing 80MPH on the freeway. Fortunately, he just tagged me and did not pull me over. I made it home and into the driveway right as it started to sprinkle. The lightening storm was insane as I was driving the last 6-8 miles home. The winds were pretty strong. Fortunately, we were not involved in the tornado activity areas of the storms. Everything was just fine.

The visit with my sister helped keep emotions in tact for everyone I think. Aunt Nancy will be missed. Families should be together when things not so great happen.