Today’s rain adventure

The rain has been relentless in the greater Houston area the past week. It has not let up much for very long. 
This is what I drove into after picking Kyle up from school today. I picked him up about 2:30pm. He got out of school about 10:00am (maybe a little earlier) after he finished his last final for the school year. However, he is playing in the orchestra at graduation tomorrow afternoon so he had rehearsal today from 11:00am to 2:00pm. I got him in the car about 2:30pm or so. 
This is on Spring Cypress near Stuebner Airline going back toward our neighborhood. We were on the way to go pick up Lance from school. The clouds just kept getting darker and darker. By the time we got to the back of the neighborhood, it was raining. It started pouring buckets of rain. Not just a little bit, it was big rain drops and lots of them all at once. 
When it rains more than a drizzle, they will not release the kids to walk home. This is especially true if it is thundering and lightening. Guess what it was doing? Yep lightening and thunder and heavy rain. Lance has a rain poncho in his backpack at all times. He usually has two – one for him and one for a friend. Just in case. That does not change the fact that for “safety reasons” the school will hold all kids at the school. Kyle and I went and got into the pickup line at the school. Fortunately, I just had to swing over to the cafeteria instead of remaining in the main pick-up line as Lance is in the walker line and those kids are held in the cafeteria and not in the main carpool area. I sent Kyle in to have them send him out to us. Then we were on our way. 
It was still pouring when we got to the house.
I have decided that driving my minivan in the rain without a working AC really sucks. Even if the heat is not the primary problem, the fogging of the windows is. IT JUST SUCKS! It is just miserable this week when it is not raining because it is so dang humid outside. Temperature wise it has not been too hot, but most of the time it has been raining or drizzling so I’ve had to keep the windows mostly closed or entirely closed. That really stinks when you have NO working temperature control. The defroster does work marginally but it only adds to the misery in the car. So yeah, it sucks. 
I am not going to say that the fact that we have gotten so much rain has been enjoyable. It has not, but at least we are not in a drought. Oh and the rain has kept our temperatures down. I will not complain about the cooler temperatures. I am liking those actually. 

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