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What a handlebar!

Today was another dress up day at school for “red ribbon week” at school. It was “mustache” day and everyone got to wear their mustache attire. Lance does not have a “dress-up” mustache but he did not let that stop him…last night he designed his own mustache with some materials « … read more … »

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A warning

When you get into the car, you get used to it just working. This morning when I got into the car after stopping to pump gas at 5:30AM something was different. After I pumped gas this morning, I went to start my car and I saw this warning on my « … read more … »

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Of all the things that I thought I would sew one day… I never thought I would end up buying BROWN twill patches to sew on a tweed sports jacket. Alas, the day has come where I have a child that likes dressing up and likes looking sharp. I am « … read more … »