Halloween party

Tonight is the Memorial Springs Ward Halloween Party and Trunk or Treat.

They are doing a Chili Cook-off before the Trunk or Treat. I have to say that I am not thrilled about the Chili Cook-Off because it is a lot of food that I cannot eat, but at least it is food that I do not have to cook. The boys will enjoy themselves at least. They can eat as much chili as they want and I do not have to worry about making it for them.

I did cook for tonight. I did not make chili. I made Chicken Tortilla Soup. A white chicken tortilla soup. Do not let the fact that it is a white version of the original fool you, it has some zip. My kids do not let me forget the time I dumped the entire jar of the jalapeño salsa into the soup. It was very hot! I do not get to live that down.

I have spent the day baking…

I have spent the day baking cookies. Lots and lots of cookies. I have a reputation to uphold. I am known for giving out cookies at the Trunk or Treat. I would hate to let anyone down this year. This means that I have to bake a lot of cookies. This means I have to make a lot of cookie dough.

It means a lot of cookies. I believe I baked somewhere around 18 dozen cookies today. Yes, that is a lot of chocolate chip cookies!!!

Then they are bagged in baggies of 2 each…that is a lot of sandwich baggies. This year I had colored baggies. It was not intentional. It just happened to be that the baggies were colored coming out of the box of sandwich baggies.

This year I even made sheets and sheets of cute little labels to stick onto the baggies saying who the cookies were from. In years past I have done paper tags to staple to each baggie or done nothing at all. It all depended on how much time I had after baking and bagging the crap-load of cookies. To be honest with you, I wish I had thought about the stick on labels sooner. This was way easier and so much faster. I will use this method to label my granola bars in the future it was so much more efficient. I think next year I will purchase larger labels and make sure that they are white. I had these clear labels already so I used what I had.

Lots and lots and lots and lots of bags of cookies ready to go to the Trunk or Treat. If people did not love them so much I would not put in so much work or effort. It is a lot of work to bake this many cookies but the kids love them and so do the parents.

Here is to another…Happy Halloween…

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