The world’s biggest tablet

We like technology at our house so we are always checking out the new things out there. We were wandering around the “electronics department” at Walmart tonight looking for something completely unrelated to “checking out new technology” and Lance wandered off because he was bored.

When we are in the electronics department, I do not worry too much because it is usually him checking out the latest DVD and Blu-ray movies or checking out the game players displays or even the tablet displays.

Today, however, things had moved around a bit in Walmart. They do that from time to time.

Lance managed to find some “new tablets” on display and he was checking them out.

Lance managed to find “The World’s Biggest Tablet” on display at Walmart. I have to agree that this thing was big. “This is ginormous, mom! It is bigger than your face! You can’t get that in your pocket!”

He was enthralled by the sheer size of it. He did not care that it was an Apple or an Android or anything like that, he simply cared that it was BIG and PORTABLE at the same time. Marketing at its finest.

Needless to say, we left the world’s biggest tablet at Walmart and he will not be getting one anytime soon.

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