We’ve gone plaid!

Today was a special day at school. It was one of those days where the kids get to wear some sort of “out of the ordinary” attire as a fun way to make a statement. This week it is all for Red Ribbon week I believe. It is for a good cause, drug awareness.

Sometimes, however, the amount of notice we get (or reminders for said things) is a little on the lacking side. We mom’s are busy and we tend to forget, okay?!. There I admit it, I probably just flat out forgot…after being told more than once…

Today was wear a plaid shirt day.

Oh boy. This was going to be a bit harder since Lance does not own a read shirt. Fortunately, we encountered this problem last night and not twenty minutes before school started. Still, there was no time to go to the stores – hopping – hoping to find a plaid shirt for him to wear. We will have to resolve the lack of plaid shirts later, but the fact remains that I still had to fix the problem RIGHT NOW!

The kid was very clear about the fact that he HAD TO WEAR a plaid shirt to school today!

What is a mom to do?




This mom, makes a very loved child a plaid shirt. Thank goodness for white undershirts. Thank goodness for left over scraps (of sizable portions) of plaid “Christmas” fabrics. This really was not a Christmas fabric per say, but it was what I used to back the Christmas Tree Skirt I made my mother-in-law. It is Christmas-y colors. IT IS PLAID! IT WORKED!!!

Welcome to plaid shirt day, crafty mom style!

I love you, Lance!

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