Making progress

I posted just over a month ago about the progress we were making on the house and what we had left to do. I want to make another status update.

I am in the process of finishing up the master bathroom. It really is almost complete. The walls are all painted. That is the good news. I just need to take down the tape and then tape off the ceiling and roll the white paint on the ceiling. Then we can call the master bathroom 100% painted. That is how close we are to being done. I will finish that after I get a good night’s sleep.

Once it is painted, all that is left is to install the other light fixture. We had to fix the hole in the wall hence why it is not already installed. We need to replace the AC vent covers and exhaust vent cover. Then we need to install the new bathroom hardware that came in – hand towel rings, bath towel hooks, and toilet paper holder. I ordered these from Harney Hardware and I am very impressed with the quality and look of these items. I cannot wait to get them installed to see how they actually look on the walls.

After the master bathroom is completed…we have left…

  • Upstairs bathroom
  • Master bedroom
  • Master closet

I will go up and start the hole patching process in the upstairs bathroom. I need to take the molly bolts out that are holding the toilet paper holder on the wall. There are couple of places were the nails have caused the plaster to come off over the top of them. I am sure this was a result of when the roof was done in December. There are also 2 sizable holes where the molly bolts were holding the light fixture on the wall. If I get this started while I am working on another room, we will not have to wait as long to paint. Since this is the bathroom that we have to actively use for every day showers for everyone because there is currently no glass in the shower in the master bathroom yet, it will probably take the patch a little longer to dry as it will be repeatedly exposed to the moisture from showers. It is not a big deal it is just something that we have to plan for in dry time.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Of course, I have forgotten about the garage on that list. It will be the very last thing we do, however. It will take the most wear and tear.

The master closet should not take me very long to paint at all. It will mostly be tedious taping around the shelves. Otherwise it is 4 straight walls. The worst part is painting above the shelves, but that actually does not take very long, it is just moving the ladder which can be tedious.

The master bedroom may take a little longer because we have a stair step ceiling in there. Like the look. Not sure I like it so much now that I have to paint it. Since we’re doing two tone paint – white on the ceiling and Kilim Beige on the walls – that makes it fun to do the stair step in the two tones. What makes it even more fun is that we have rounded corners on our stair step so taping it off will be fun to get really straight lines. It is just going to be a really tedious job. It will look really nice when it is done, but the prep work will be tedious.

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