Mid-February Progress

I had planned on making this a couple of days ago, but I was a little busy then. It happens these days.

Last night I intended to sit down and purchase something online for my youngest son’s bed and I sat down and almost instantly fell asleep. Item still not purchased. It has been like that for 2 days now. I did get up early this morning and I have in fact purchased it. It will be here in a couple of days. That makes me feel better knowing that it is on the way now. One less stress. It is not a big deal, but it is something that makes me feel better.

Of course, it comes with a promise that we would buy Lance this item in something he liked “better” when we got to our final destination but we need something that looks good on camera right now and this one fits the bill right now. The problem? It is striped. I did not know this, but Lance really does not like stripes. Who knew? I certainly did not know that he had a complete aversion to stripes. I guess I should avoid striped ties in the future.

Anyway, this thing is a bedding set that is truly designed for a daybed. I had no idea it would be so hard to find a bedskirt/dust ruffle for a daybed. Who knew? The worst part is that the ones that you do find are very feminine. Very girly. That is not going to work for my very boyish boy. Not going to work. Then you have the problem with them just being expensive or having to pay just as much in shipping to get them here as the item. What?!. Yeah that was my thoughts.

I was able to get bedskirts/dust ruffles for the two regular twin beds for under $10 each. I was perfectly fine with that. I do not have to do much more with their beds. I bought them new bedspreads and sheets for Christmas a couple of years ago. They will work. I just needed to get bedskirts to match to hide the not so nice looking bed frames. I thought it would be fairly easy to find a bedskirt for Lance’s bed as well even if I had pay a few dollars more for it. I just was not expecting what I was finding. The limiting factor I had was time and availability. I did not have the luxury of waiting for the item.

I finally found an entire bedding set that was not too badly priced. It was going to be the better buy in the long run. It would go with his existing sheets or sheets we already had if it did not match the ones already on his bed. But it would match his existing blanket most likely so he could keep it on his bed in some fashion. He loves his green. It also has 3 pillow shams in the set. He was really upset when I told him he had to give up some of his pillows (they were ratty looking). These pillow shams were going to make him a happy boy as far as I was concerned. It was mostly green. What could be wrong with it? What I didn’t know is that Lance did not care for stripes. I found that out when I showed it to him. Of course none of the other options will work as nicely color-wise or are as cheap.

Hence is where the promise to buy him a new bedding set that he really liked when we moved and got to where we were going on the other end came from. The goal right now was to make his bed and bedroom look as nice as possible on camera and in person as possible. It was not about whether or not he liked stripes but about how nice his room looked. This one set was the one that was going to make it look nice RIGHT NOW! So that bedding set is on its way.

The good news is that progress has been made. Good progress.

As of today, we are done with all major painting. DONE!

I cannot tell you how good it is to tell you that we are done with that. DONE! I tell you done. That huge monumental task is done. Our house is estimated to be nearly 2700 square feet. It is 2692 per the Harris County Appraisal District. I rolled almost every single square feet of that. I had some help along the way, but I was there to help with every single brush stroke and swipe of the roller. Every single one of them!

My body is now letting me know how many of them it has done and it is protesting every single one of them. So much so that yesterday morning I had a bit of an emotional break down when things didn’t go quite as planned. It was not like I had planned on breaking down. I just did. Just did. I could not take it anymore. I was physically spent. I was emotionally spent. I was done. Done. Or I was supposed to be done and my body could not take anymore at that moment. Of course, I did overcome that brief moment and we did get back up and finish and we did get to DONE with the major painting even if it did take longer than expected.

Now it is time to finish the rest. It is time to push it over the finish line.

We are finishing the packing of the rest of the stuff and getting it out of here for carpet tomorrow. There is not much left. It really is probably only another couple of car loads of boxes. There is a carload of boxes to go for donation. Then probably another couple of carloads to go to storage. Then we are probably done with the bulk of all the hard work. The problem is that we are tired. We are sore. We are just tired and sore. We are ready for the next step in this exercise.

The shower is in. The glass was installed on Monday. There might be a small problem with a minor leak that we need to have them come back out and fix, but it is installed. It is absolutely beautiful! The shower is wonderful! I had my first shower in it this morning and it was a wonderful shower. Even when we discovered the leak, it was still wonderful.

The light fixtures are all installed. The one might have been a problem, but it is in and it is beautiful just like the others.

The exhaust fan that we had go out years ago is fixed.

The fence is fixed.

The toilets are all in working order. We just need to replace the 2 remaining toilet seats.

The laminate has been reapplied to the cabinet door in the upstairs bathroom. It is not a perfect job per say, but the laminate is back on the door and and drawer that it was coming off of. Since it had started to peel off one of the cabinet doors about 1/4 of the way, this was no small task.

The kitchen sink has been cleaned out again. It no longer backs up on one or both sides every time I do the dishes.

The good news is that the next step is almost here. Almost. We are to the punch list items on the house. Hanging the big mirror in the half bath. I cannot wait. Mounting the shelves above the toilets. Mounting all the beautiful hardware I bought from Harney Hardware. Those kinds of things. The big things are almost done. Almost. Almost there. I even have the kitchen counters almost completely cleaned off. I have half the painting supplies packed in a box and ready to go when we get to our new home.

Our progress is good. We are good. Things are good.

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