Boxes, boxes, and more boxes

I know there is an end in sight soon.

It is just funny that I have packed so many boxes and I feel like it is never ending. It does end. I did get the kids’ rooms packed except for 3-4 boxes of essentials that they will need/want in the next few weeks/months. I did get the game room packed up completely. I did get my craft room mostly packed up. I did take a few things to my mother’s house so I could finish up those projects. It does end. The boxes do stop flowing out of rooms when the room is empty.

It just does not feel like that when you are in the heat of it all….

This is what the pile of boxes looked like about mid-day.

This is what the pile looked like tonight.

There are 2 more boxes not completely full yet so they are not on the pile on the left – ready to go. The one on the right is only about half full. That stuff is coming out of the kitchen. That is stuff I will not need. I am trying to purge out the pantry and cabinets some more. I am trying to get as much stuff out of the drawers as possible. That kind of thing. There is another box about that same size in the master bedroom that is also about half full. I will probably be able to fill another couple of boxes out of the master closet fairly quickly.

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