Middle School UIL contests

I am not sure what came over me this year, but I have attended more of my boys’ competition performances than I have any other year they have been in orchestra. Perhaps it is an indicator of how my bottom line health has improved over the years or that I have just grown up enough to tolerate certain inconveniences to hear the things that matter most.

I will admit that after seeing Kyle and the Ulrich Symphony Orchestra perform at the Galveston Isle Festival, I was impressed. I went to one of Andrew’s UIL performances and it was a nice quiet and subdued performances without all the overhead of a full blown concert. So when I heard that this UIL contest was going to be so close to home, I could not find any excuse not to attend. After all it was going to be less than 5 miles from the house at Tomball Memorial High School.

It was a nice performance where they performed 3 pieces. I thought they did lovely. Then they were off to sight reading contests. That was a treat after seeing Mr. Ledford and the Klein Oak High School Orchestra in sight reading contests. I was amazed at the process they go through to learn a piece on spot in a very short amount of time.

After the contest, they were heading to Fuddruckers for hamburgers before heading back to the school. I decided to meet them for lunch. It is not every day that you get to have lunch with your child at school in a pleasant environment with kids that they actually enjoy hanging out with.

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