Klein Texas Stake Youth Conference 2014

Every year the Klein Texas Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints does a Youth Conference for the youth ages 14 to 17 years of age. Every year it has a theme of focus. This year’s (2014) the theme was “Come Unto Christ” and it centered around Book of Mormon Times. 

The church has been doing Youth Conference for a very long time. Ben and I both went to Youth Conference when we were youths. It has just progressed and grown into what it is today in this Stake. It is a real experience for youth and leaders alike. 

I think the years with the real experiences are the years they do the “role playing” as they are truly immersed into the theme and learn to feel the Spirit. These themes carry some burden and responsibility on the parents, but they try to keep it to a minimal and give us ample warning. 

With this year’s theme, it required the youth to be in time period appropriate garb (clothing). Remember the time period was Book of Mormon times. We were going back a very long time…

Here are my two Nephites, Andrew (left) and Kyle (right), ready for the Klein Texas Stake Youth Conference 2014. They arrived dressed and ready to go. It was roughly a 2 hour drive in traffic from the Gleannloch Farms church building to the location Youth Conference would be held this year. They are in for a Thursday thru Saturday experience in the “wilderness” with nearly 300 youth from the Stake.

I even caught them semi-trying to smile after I dropped them off. I am not sure what they were most excited about: wearing the robes (aka dresses) that I made them for 3 days, camping in the humidity in said robes, being out in the wilderness (aka practically the middle of nowhere), or the fact that they knew there would be some sword fighting. 

I am going to go with the sword fighting. 

I love you, Andrew and Kyle. I hope that you have the time of your lives this weekend.

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