Little brother’s sweater…

The weather has been strange here to say the least. It warms up a little bit and then gets cold again. We are well into April and we are still getting cold fronts. The children are getting tired of “fetching their sweaters” to go do things. I told them to take the garbage out to the curb for garbage day tomorrow and my beloved Kyle hemmed and hawed about how he would have to go upstairs and get his sweater because it was cold outside.

The conversation went something like this:

Kyle: Can I have your sweater?
Me: No!
Kyle: But it is warm. You do not need it in the house. It is cold outside and you told me to take the garbage to the curb. I need it so I won’t be cold.
Me: No you cannot have my sweater, I am wearing it.

My children are quite resourceful if it will prevent them from fetching their sweater from upstairs…

Kyle decided that if I would not let him have “my” sweater, he was going to pursue other options. Kyle proceeded to put on Lance’s sweater and beanie hat. Yes, folks, you saw it here first. Kyle is wearing his little brother’s sweater and cap so that he can take out the trash!

The fact that he got it on was hilarious by itself. I am surprised that he did not get stuck. There was plenty of laughter. Of course there was also plenty of whining from Lance about how Kyle touched his stuff and now it needed to be washed because Kyle wore it. Let the rolling eyes start now.

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