It is the small stuff

When you have digestive issues, allergies, migraines, or other issues that cause you to eliminate things from your diet there can be withdraw from certain foods. This is especially true when you eliminate certain things because of uncertainty – it “might” be unsafe to eat. Ultimately you do not regret eliminating the foods but it does not make you miss them less.

Due to the way that certain foods are processed, this has meant that I have had to eliminate certain things like cheeses, creamed soups, and even ice cream. If I cannot verify that the products to do not contain non-pork based enzymes in their processing, I more often than not choose to not eat them. It is hard. Sometimes you just do not know and honestly it is easier for me to err on the side of over-caution than to suffer needless stomach pain for three days.

Today when I was picking up Andrew’s prescriptions from Walgreens for whatever he has, I thought I would be nice and pick up a little thing of ice cream for him. He has a sore throat and I thought that would make it feel better. I was trying to be a nice mom.

Of course it was in that ice cream search that I saw the little kosher symbol. I was never so happy to see that symbol as I was today. Honestly, it is hard to find ice cream that states is kosher status. I have yet to find it on the coveted Blue Bell that is born and bred in the great state of Texas. This breaks my heart. Fortunately, I have found it on a couple of the store brands now. This was just a delight to see. 
It really is the small things that make it easier to handle those times when you remove so much from your diet already. I really can still eat some of the more fun things.

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