A pickle?

There is something strange about one of my children. I am not entirely sure how it happened, but it happened. Neither of my other children have this problem…
Lance really likes sour things. He really likes pickles. I am not sure what spawned this comment today, but it did. Not sure I believe it with that face, but it was too cute to not capture.
I cannot say that Lance has always liked pickles, but for the last couple of years at least he has loved them. When we go to any hamburger place to get hamburgers he asks for EXTRA pickles with extra emphasis on the word extra. He just loves pickles. It is a staple that have not kept around the house until recently because this kid cannot get enough of them. 
“Can I have a pickle?”
“Can I have your pickles?”

Lance just loves pickles. Sometimes I think he eats pickles so much that he may very well turn into a pickle.

The really funny thing? He hates cucumbers!

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