A great honor

I know I rave a lot about the music program in Klein ISD, but it is because they are just that amazing. They may not be the best in the country, but then again they may be…

This was posted on the KOHS Orchestra Facebook page by the Orchestra director, Tanner Ledford, on April 3, 2014:

This past March, 161 of the finest orchestras from around the country submitted recordings, programs, and evaluations from leading music educators to a distinguished panel of musicians charged with the task of choosing the orchestras who will serve as the featured ensembles at the 68th Annual Mid-West Band and Orchestra Clinic.

This week, it has been announced that one of the orchestras chosen to perform at the Mid-West Band and Orchestra Clinic in Chicago, Illinois the week of December 17-20, 2014 will be the Klein Oak High School Symphony Orchestra. Congratulations to them and to all the members of our Klein Oak High School Orchestra and Band programs!

This is a great honor for them. 

It follows on a report I found the other day where, Klein ISD was spotlighted by the NAMM Foundation as a (2014) best community for music education. 

National program celebrates districts’ and schools’ exemplary dedication to music programs

CARLSBAD, Calif. , March 24, 2014—The NAMM Foundation awards school music education programs with the announcement of 2014’s Best Communities for Music Education (BCME).

This year, the NAMM Foundation designates 376 districts as Best Communities for Music Education and 96 individual schools as SupportMusic Merit Award winners. These districts and schools set the bar in offering students access to comprehensive music education.

The BCME program applauds the efforts of teachers, administrators, parents, students and community leaders working to assure that music education is part of the core curriculum. More than 2000 schools and school districts participated in this year’s survey resulting in a 21% increase in designations.

“These schools and districts make a strong commitment to music education in the core curriculum supporting its essential value to a well-rounded education for every child,” said Mary Luehrsen, NAMM Foundation executive director. “Strong, engaging programs that offer students access to music cannot thrive in a vacuum. The Best Communities designation and the SupportMusic Merit Award bring hard-won visibility to music classes, programs and departments that are keeping music education alive in our schools.”

It makes me more proud to live where I am and that my children have made the choices they have made to participate in the music programs in the district. Music really does make an impact in the lives of children and it does have an impact on their academic performance. Music makes for a more rounded child and a stronger core curriculum in my opinion. This is seen when I look at the kids on the stage at each performance the Klein Oak HS Orchestra does. These are ordinary kids on the surface, but behind the scenes when you start to peel back the layers of what makes each child who they are as individuals you start to see how orchestra has enhanced their academics and their academics enrich their musical experience. They are the bright kids academically and musically. They truly shine on and off stage.

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