Texas beauty…!

Everyone likes to carry on about how there is not much to see in Texas that is beautiful. I like to believe that if they say this, they have not been to Texas in the spring time and they have not been outside of a very small bubble.

There is not much that can bring a smile to a Texan’s face faster than a patch of Texas Bluebonnets, no matter how small. You might ask, “Why?” Let me just say that Texas Bluebonnets are a sign that our weather is “just right.” It is not too hot and it is not too cold. It is a sign that spring has officially arrived and it is here to stay.

I was blessed to see this moderate sized patch of Bluebonnets on my way from taking the Sister Missionaries from the Memorial Springs Ward to the doctor in The Woodlands this morning. They mentioned that they had both crossed their half-way mark. This meant that they likely would be going home before they saw another round of Bluebonnets. This saddened me. You cannot come to Texas in the Spring and not get pictures with the Texas Bluebonnets. It is a must done on the bucket list of to-dos for visiting Texas. Even if these two Sister Missionaries did not know that. 
I knew that the chances of seeing them where we live was going to be much slimmer. I had seen some “maroon” Bluebonnets but I had not seen any true Bluebonnets. The maroon ones are pretty too, do not get me wrong. They are just hybrids and not the same. The blue ones are the “true” Texas state flower and is where the beauty is at. 
As we were driving back I told them that if we could find a good sized patch of them on the right side of the road, I would pull over and stop so they could see them. I certainly was not going to put any of us in harms way to let them get pictures. I would not do that for my own family. I was not going to do that for them. As we were driving back down Kuykendahl from The Woodlands, there I saw it – this lovely and sizable patch of them – so we stopped for a couple of minutes.
I like to think that this is how the Lord blesses Texas. He blesses us with a little beauty every spring to remind us that we have something to look forward to every year. I know that I look forward to it every year even if I do not stop and take my kids to get pictures every year any more. I did think today that I should take my kids again as I do not remember ever taking Lance to see the Bluebonnets when he was much younger. We have always lived in Tomball with him so he has had much less exposure to these roadside beauties. I am not sure he even knows what they look like and that is not okay with me.
As you can see these flowers are a vibrant blue with a white tip. It is this white tip that helps give that beautiful lighter blue hue when the fields are filled with them. In small patches they are darker in color but when you come across fields and fields of them they have a lighter hue to them. It is sheer beauty and something to truly smile about. The Lord’s hand in this beauty is something one cannot deny.
May Sister Riorie (left) and Sister Bonner (right) take the memories of these strange little blue flowers back to Utah when their service here in Texas is complete. May they always find a special place here in Texas that tugs at their hearts each spring.
Our weather here may be hot and uncomfortable every summer, but our springs are perfect and complete with Texas Bluebonnets.

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