Quilting Bee

Today was the 17th Annual Interfaith Quilting Bee. It is a great charity event that serves the families and individuals in our communities. It is an inter-faith effort to service two charities in our local community – NAM (Northwest Assistance Ministries) and Magnolia’s SOS (Society of Samaritans).

Throughout the year, we spend time quilting to donate quilts to this event. The donated quilts are in all sizes to help fill the needs of the families that come in through the charity programs. These quilts go back into the families in our community. We are quilting to help the families in our own community.

On the day of the event people from the area local churches gather together and we sit and tie quilts and have good conversation. We enjoy the lovely quilts as they are unveiled and submitted. We enjoy the beautiful quilts that are on display (not for donation). We also enjoy a catered luncheon. It is a wonderful and usually fun filled morning (and into the afternoon) just doing acts of kindness.

What results? Lots and lots of quilts….

The chapel in the Klein Stake Center of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is usually filled up by the end of the event. It is a heart warming feeling to see the quilts start to fill the room, draping over the backs of all the pews. I could not get all the pews in this picture.

A better picture from the back of the chapel in the over-flow area. I could not get the full shot of both sides of the chapel, so the rows of pews on the right and left. See the picture below for the rows on the left side where the bulk of the pews were full as indicated by the first picture.

A close up of some of the quilts. The two quilts that I personally donated are on the second row from the bottom of the picture. The quilt with the blue border and tie-dye fabrics that is the third quilt from the left is one of mine. The tan and white quilt that is the second from the right is also one of mine. Just a close up of the larger picture.

All of the quilts on the podium/stage area will go to SOS. All of the quilts on the pews facing the podium will go to NAM. I am not sure what the total count was, but at the last I heard there were over 340 quilts…they were still counting.

We’ll do it again next year.

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