Kiss worthy

This Valentine’s Day I got some very practical gifts. I love them…They were kiss worthy.

I broke my pizza cutters a couple of weeks ago. I broke two of them on the same day. It was a sad day. They were old and it was not funny the day I broke them. The one I really liked was the one that broke the worst and it just snapped right off at the the point where the blade was attached. Fortunately, there was no injury. Fortunately, I had two cheap, small back-up cutters in the drawer. The problem with them, however, is that they are not big enough to actually efficiently cut through the pizzas. At least it was better than not having a pizza cutter at all.

Anyway, the boys bought me two new ones like the one that I liked the best. It lasted a good long while so it was a good investment. It just wore out. One thing I noticed in the two I got was that one had a plastic joining point and one had a metal pin through it (see this picture?). I will be returning the one without the metal pin to get another one with the metal pin. Incidentally the one that broke did not have a metal pin in it. We will see if that makes a difference. Actually they were identical in every other way including the price.

Oh and my boys were shocked that I actually kissed this. In all fairness, the blade was covered by a plastic sheath. No risk.

Here is the new ice cream scoop to replace the ice cream scoop that wore out and broke. Who knew that one of those would break? I did, but this just snapped right off. Anyway, the finish was wearing off the remaining ice cream scoop so it was time to replace it as well. I was pulling a “Victoria” on this one. Victoria is my oldest niece. She got an ice cream scoop like this for Christmas and she kissed her ice cream scoop when she got it too. What is up with kissing the ice cream scoop? I am not sure, it was just because I could. Supposedly, this is one of the “best” ice cream scoops on the market and it cuts like ice cream like butter. We will see.

Now my children did not buy into the Hallmark Cards this year. They made me a card this year. I think it was Kyle that put in all the hard work to design it on the computer. This is a child after my own heart. Good job, Kyle! I love how they noted that they “approved this message” at the bottom. These are definitely my children. I love you Andrew, Kyle, and Lance. I love you too, Ben.

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