He does read

Lance stayed home again from school today. He was home because he was up throwing up yesterday morning. Although, technically he had crossed the 24-hour puke free time before school started this morning, he was not quite to the 24-hour fever free time period. He would have been by the time school started. At any rate, I kept him home to give him a little more time to recover and make sure we did not have any more rebounds. Remember, he was home from school last Tuesday as well after throwing up Monday night.

Anyway, we have had a productive day in spite of his sick day. We have worked on a few Cub Scout Achievements and Electives. I have also worked on and completed an entire Belt Loop with him. He has now earned his Chess Belt Loop. Now he is chilling on the couch watching the last Transformers movie and chasing his stuffy nose with the tissue box.

This was not before we shared a few apple slices or I caught this picture…

One of the things that he needed to do for one of his Achievements was to read a book he was interested in and tell an adult about it. He sat down and read his library book. I caught him on video too reading for about 3 minutes because his expressions were just too cute to ignore. He was reading the voices in character voices. I think this was actually a comic book type book. It was about a scientist and a time machine. Evidently you could only go back in time 10 minutes unless you had the special code and then you could go back in time 7 years. I believe the book is called Meanwhile. I am not sure because he whisked it away and put it back in his backpack.

At any rate, it is evidence that the child does actually read and reads willingly.

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