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After my rant and rave opinion post about Scouting yesterday, I should probably tread with caution. However, I want to announce that I am very proud of the Cub Scout leaders in the Pack that I am serving as the Pack Trainer. They have done a fabulous job of demonstrating “Do your best” first hand through example.

I am pleased to announced that all leaders of Cub Scout Pack 1927 are fully trained.

Yes, you read that correctly we are 100% at 100%. Not just some of them, all of them. We did it. It took some hard work and some persistence but we did it. It might have even taken some high pressure tactics on my part, but in the end it was the individual leaders that pulled together and that ultimately did their part. They all pulled their weight and did the training that was required by the Boy Scouts of America.

Thank you to all the leaders of Cub Scout Pack 1927 for doing your part. You are touching the lives of young boys and helping them learn new things and experience new things that will carry them throughout life and onto Scouting. Please keep up the good work.

Now get to planning their next Den Meeting (yes I am already on that) and Pack Meeting.

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