Green Salsa?!.

When you have to radically change your diet for your own sanity, there are some things that you have to cut out of your diet and it is kind of disheartening when you live in a part of the country (Texas) where you get really good food. Let me clarify that by saying that I live in Tex-Mex country and we know how to do salsa. Our salsa does not come from New York City. That would be sacrilege. We like it down here. A lot.

Unfortunately, when your radically changed diet eliminates the main ingredient in salsa, you have a problem. I have not given up. I have stood on the aisle in grocery store after grocery store reading the labels. Mostly it because I am really too lazy to make my own. Who has time for that? I might if I had more desire, but I do not. There I confessed to simply not having the desire to make my own salsa. Lazy and lacking desire just is not a good combination, is it? So thus the quest for a salsa continues…

After a trip to H-E-B one day, I came across this find. It works. It is okay. I came home with three different “green” salsas that trip. I spared no expense that trip. I personally did not care. I wanted green salsa and frankly I did not care what it cost. I was buying green salsa I figured if H-E-B did not have it, no one was going to have it. I was focused on myself at this point. I keep in mind when I am reading the labels my sister, Jennifer, but I am truly focused primarily on my needs. If it helps us both out all the better.

Of the three “green” salsa picks I found that day, I think this one is the most universal. It had good flavor. It is the closest to being salsa like. Flavor-wise at least. It has its cons, however. I have yet to find a Salsa Verde that is anything in comparison to its traditional salsa counterpart. Evidently, once you take the tomato out of the salsa, it goes downhill extremely quickly. It must be an exponential relationship.

I am still on a quest for a green salsa that meets that perfect salsa criteria but does not contain a single tomato or bell pepper, but I am starting to believe that it just does not exist at this point. I am happy with second best. I have now happily starting stocking my cabinet shelves with jars of the three different ones I picked up that day. They each had their merits. One was really good for cooking into things like burritos and taquitos so I need to have a stock of it for when I do my big bulk batches of those.

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