Kyle’s Solo and Ensemble Contests

On Saturday, Kyle competed in Klein Independent School District’s Solo and Ensemble Contests at Klein High School. He only competed in the solo division this year. He did a solo with his viola.

Today he brought home his medal and score/results sheet.

This was right after Kyle walked in the door from school. His transition lenses on his glasses had not even had time to transition back to clear yet. He was very proud to show off his medal. Kyle received an “Excellent” for his viola solo performance.

An “excellent” is one of the best scores they can receive. There is an “outstanding performance” but those are hard to come by. Those are for the best of the best performances. “Excellent” is the top score group you can get. Kyle said there were only two “outstanding performances” given to kids from Ulrich Intermediate School and they were cellist from the Chamber Orchestra. Kyle is in the Symphony Orchestra.

Kyle with a close up of his medal. Way to go, Kyle!

A close up of Kyle’s Solo and Ensemble medal.

Kyle’s Solo and Ensemble Judge’s Sheet. Pretty cool to read what they have to say about the kids with their performances. I really like the “Great tie!” comment at the bottom of his sheet. Kyle was wearing his music tie.

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