Not opening day

So the original plan had been to go hang out with my friend, Angela Foster, on opening day when Freebirds World Burrito opened. That did not happen. What happened? The spring on the garage door broke. So instead of getting my car out of the garage Tuesday morning, I hung around and waited for the garage door repair person to come fix the garage door. Fortunately, it was fixable without having to replace the entire garage door. However, the best laid plan to go hang out with a friend and be crazy and do something fun and spontaneous on opening day of a College Station and Aggieland tradition opening in our backyard did not happening.

Anyway, the next day my brother called me about 1 o’clock and asked if I wanted to go. Unfortunately, I had just eaten. Small problem there. I told him he could buy me a drink.

So I went and picked him up (he mostly needed a ride), and we went to Freebirds World Burrito the day after they opened. He even did all of his ordering online due to the fact that I was limited on time as I would have to get back to pick Lance up from school by about 3 o’clock. Everything was ordered online. They had called to verify the order before we had even made it out of their neighborhood. Very nice service.


We will be going as a family the weekend before Spring Break. The boys are looking forward to it.

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