Fifteen weeks into the scool year

We have now reached the 15th week of the school year and I have to confess to it being a slower recovering from the 3 week break we took than I would like it to be. We did manage to ride this week, but I have to emphasize how much I do not like riding in the wind. It was another windy week. We also had some rain and I have decided that the cooler temperatures and rain do not mix. I do not have to do it. So this week we only made it two days.

Well, in actuality it was only one full day and then on Friday I picked him up from school because it was raining. I parked the car at the back of the neighborhood and walked the quarter mile into the school with the umbrella. We then walked back out and I loaded the bike in the back of the car. It was good in a way because we did need to know how well the bike did or did not fit in the back of the new van.

The previous total was 312.5 miles.

After adding a measly 12 miles from this week, I am up to 324.5 miles.

I have high ambitions to do better again. I intend to get back into the five days a week and ride 8 miles a day again. I just got tired and that is never a good thing. When the body is tired it will protest. The key is overcoming that protest, right now my tired body is winning. 


  1. Devon Lee you are very welcome. We will get back into the groove again. There is always the new year. The best part is that we can always start again where we left off.

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