A successful Ward Christmas party

Tonight was the annual Memorial Springs Ward Christmas Party and we loaded up the kids and head over to the Klein Stake Center for an evening of dinner and entertainment.

We had a couple of good friends, Andy and Devon Lee, in tow as they were in town handling the sudden ill health of her mother, Penny Geiszler. Still it was hopeful to be a good evening as there were a couple of families in our ward that were known by the Lee’s at Texas A&M University during their time there. It should be a little reunion of sorts.

I signed up to take a dessert. I decided on cookies. I set to baking a ton of cookies. When you are in the midst of baking that many cookies it seems like a ton. Maybe it is. Maybe it is not. In reality, it was two double batches of chocolate chip cookies. I kind of have a reputation for my chocolate chip cookies at church so I felt that was safe. It ended up being roughly 12-14 dozen cookies or so. I am not entirely sure as I did not keep track of the count. Each double batch does make about 6-7 dozen cookies on average. That compensates for variations in mixing and snitching of the dough during the baking process.

Getting to the stake center would prove to be an interesting experience. A slight complication with a run-in with someone’s stupidity in the dark and my car. Evidently there is a failure to educate people the proper way to avoid being hit by a moving vehicle in the street when it is dark outside. That of course will be the topic for another post as it really has no bearing on the success of the ward Christmas party and thus is a digression from the post at hand.

I had my chicken breast cooked and in hand. The main entree of choice by the party organizers was ham. I have to say that it was disappointing to say the least, but I do not fight the status quo for things like this any more. I just go prepared so that I can enjoy the evening. Of course I was not prepared to have a lack of vegetables entirely to chose from. Again, I digress, however.

The decorations were simple and I really like it that way. It makes it simple for the party organizers but it keeps it down to earth for those attending. It really keeps it real for the children. My children in particular found great enjoyment with the simple paper letters adorning the tables, spelling out “ho ho ho.” It did not take them long to figure out how to turn the letters to spell out a few select other words. Oh and it did not stop there…
The letter O can become ear adornment as Lance demonstrates. Is he not adorable? Of course, Andrew is in close observation.

The letter H can make cute ear extensions and the letter O can make ear adornments in addition to a nice hat as Kyle demonstrated. Daddy was looking on and sharing the excitement with friend and fellow Texas Aggie, Kendra McMullin.

Lance insisted that his brother, Andrew, get fully involved with the activity of letter adornment much to Andrew’s resistance. I think the red letter O is very suiting for him.

Andrew finally fell into submission. He even looks like he might have enjoyed the letter O ear adornment. Quick easy entertainment with simple table decorations.

Of course the fun could be enjoyed by mommy too. Mommy stole a kiss while Lance demonstrated the muzzle O. He looked mighty happy with that.

It was not the only kiss stole that night…

Devon planted one on Andy… He looked pretty happy.

She got caught, but Andy planted one on Devon. It was a fair exchange. Merry Christmas you guys.

Of course the fun was not to end with the simple table decorations that were self-made fun at the table over dinner and conversation.

There was a special visitor that came to the Memorial Springs Ward Christmas Party….

Lance conversing with Santa Clause…

Lance only asked for one thing from Santa. I hope Santa comes through for Lance. Santa was pretty shocked by his request.

Santa told him “he hoped he had been a good boy all year because that was a mighty big request” as he handed him a candy cane. Lance just grinned. In all fairness, that’s all he has asked for. Nothing else really. Just that. Over and over again.

I find it funny that he is wearing flip flops, a t-shirt, and shorts at a Christmas party. It is just weird. It is normal for our parts, but it is strange all the same. It is a stark contrast to Santa’s suit.

All in all it was a fabulous party. Simple. Fairly organized. Great to be with the ward family and just good to not have to cook that night…though I did have to cook for myself.

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  1. The party was well done. I loved how the kids had a lot of activities to do, rather than eat and run around the church. And the letters were fun to play with. I think I started it. Sorry!

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