A neat orchestra concert night…

Tonight was Andrew’s first Full Orchestra concert with the Klein Oak Orchestra and the Klein Oak Band combined. This is a truly unique experience for these kids. This was a combined concert tonight. The top band played and then top orchestra from the school played. Then we were treated by a full symphony orchestra experience with the strings, winds, percussion, and light brass combined on stage.

The kids auditioned for this. Andrew made it this year. They have long rehearsals after school, every Tuesday from 5:30-8:00pm. It is a time commitment on their part. They have to want to do this. It is a great opportunity for them to be able to play pieces that they would not be able to play as a band alone or an orchestra alone.

As a parent I am truly excited about this opportunity and am grateful that we live in a district that grants the kids this opportunity. I find it amazing that their director feels that they are performance worthy with only a couple of rehearsals with the pieces of music they were performing. They were performing pieces from the original Tchaikovsky Nutcracker Suite and did it beautifully. Maybe I am biased as a mother, but it was beautiful. It is amazing to know that they pulled that off with just a couple of rehearsals with those pieces of music.

We are truly blessed.

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