Fourteen weeks…

So we took three weeks off…from riding…

I suppose you sometimes have to give yourself a break from things from time to time but I can tell you that three weeks is a brutal break from 8 miles on the bike. It was not intentional for the most part, it just happened. Then one week after another…

Mostly it was recovering from the sinus infection that I had and just not feeling well. The killer migraine and then a sinus infection can really take it out of you. The weather changing back and forth does not help. Of course, with having extra family in town and it was just easier to drop Lance off and go about the day. Then the new car that Lance wanted to show off. Whatever the excuse or reason, the three weeks passed and they are done. No need to beat them to death. Moving on.

I cannot say that this week was a great week. It was not. At least we got some rides in again even if it was not a full five days this week. We managed to ride two days this week.

My previous total was 296.5 miles.

After this week, the total is now up to 312.5 miles.

The miles are creeping up there even if slower the past few weeks.

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