Too tired to do what I need to do

So I had this list of things that I needed to do today. Ask me if I have managed to get any of them done yet. Go ahead, ask. The truth is that I am tired beyond belief. I am running on about two hours of interrupted sleep. That is never good for me because lack of sleep is a known migraine trigger for me. This is a bad combination all the way around.

Now I know you are probably thinking, “Just go take a nap.” The problem with that is that naps are not a good thing for me usually either. I am not a napper. I wake up grumpy and groggy when I nap. The only time I nap is if I have crashed. That is when my body says that it has had enough and I need that sleep now. Otherwise, naps are just not good for me because they screw up my already screwy sleep patterns. A two hour nap for me can reset my entire need for sleep that night and cause me to not fall asleep until 4:00 or 5:00AM. That is not good at all.

The thing that really gets me about last night is that I did take a muscle relaxer last night and those do cause drowsiness for me. I was tired. I was even extremely drowsy and dozing off at one point so I went to bed. Once I got to bed, however, the entire situation changed and I could not sleep at all. I do not know what is up with that. It just happens sometimes. Normally I would just get up after an hour and find something to do, but I really was tired last night.

Today, however, I have managed to get things done. I just have not whittled away at the “to do” list that I set out to do.

So far today, I have driven Lance to school. I have taken my sister to work. I have dropped the GT Testing Request forms off at the Junior High School for Kyle. I have even straightened up the garage where I managed to break a serious sweat. I then showered and now I am sitting down and relaxing so I can focus on the tasks that I need to focus on because they are what I need to get to.

Do not get me wrong, the garage needed to be straightened up. It is a task that has been on the back burner for all too long. I am pleased to announce that we can almost park two cars in the garage again. One of the older boys needs to load the back seat of my minivan back into the minivan and that is out of the way. One of them needs to load my father’s saw table in the back of my car so I can return that back to him. Then there is the issue of all the bikes. I managed to get all but one of them out of the way and still accessible. If we hang Ben’s from the ceiling and them mount Kyle’s on the wall, we should be good to go. If I decide to get one of my own, if we mount Kyle’s and Andrew’s on the wall it should still work. We could even put mine on the wall above Lance’s and still have room to work with. We need to mount Ben’s weed-eater up on the wall to get it out of the way and accessible as well. It sure was humid and warm this morning though.

Now up for working on is finishing up the tomato free Creamy Chicken Enchiladas and lots of web design work. I am going to get started on the web design work. I will work on the enchiladas when I need a break.

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