Got some work done

I have managed to hammer out two variations of a logo design and upload for the client to view. One was a clean up and alteration of an existing variation just adjusting it a bit to make it more balanced and clean. It also involved changing the colors to use white on a single color. The other was a new design entirely.

I actually like the newer logo variation. It is a spin of the two logo sketches that they like and are having trouble deciding between. They want both for different purposes. I am not liking that idea for a variety of reasons. It just goes against what a logo is all about. I have been stewing on it for a couple of weeks. It has been really bothering me. If they were more similar I would not have a problem with it at all as there would be some consistency across the mediums and it would just be another piece of their branding package. These two are radically different. The only thing the same is the font stating what the “company name” is. That is it. So I have to admit that I was struggling with this. Then it hit me a couple of days ago and I had to see if it would work. I just put it together and I actually really like it. It is simple but it is clean.

I have modified the website sketch they liked the most to account for the new colors I fiddled with the other day. The colors have been hard to get with this one. They want wholesome but bright, bold, and fun. Not dull and earthy. The problem is that you can get a lot of color on the screen and it screams “here I am, look at me.” It is a matter of getting the right balance and toning it down so it is not screaming at the user when they visit the site. First we have to find the right color combination. Then we need to find the right textures to help give it some depth and feeling.

I also modified the website sketch they liked the most to account for a new logo design I came up with. I did not like that variation of this website sketch so I went back and put it in one of the other website sketches. That works better. I even like it better with the colors.

Color and layout can have a big impact on the website. Color has a big influence on how we react to things. You have to get it right especially when you are working on a branding package. Since we are doing a little bit of that here with the logo, this is a big decision. 

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