Is Friday the new Monday?

I have to say that today is not off to a very good start. It should be, it is Friday after all. The day, however, cannot get any more hectic. I only thought yesterday was chaotic in the morning.

Sleep betrayed me again last night. Of all nights to betray me it picked a Thursday night going into Friday. Not that it really matters which night it decides to betray me, it is just as bad any other night. However, after a week of playing single mom with my husband traveling I am already exhausted so the end of the week is especially brutal because I have already hit the maximum exhaustion level. No sleep just pushes me over the edge and makes me not nice.

I believe I crashed about 4:30AM this morning. That is the last time I remember seeing on the clock at least.

The first alarm went off at 5:00AM. I stumbled out half drunken like and in a stupor to make sure that Andrew had arisen. He had. He was at the table eating breakfast. He would be on his way out the door for Early Morning Seminary in about twenty minutes or so. I crawled back in my bed and I suppose I was back out instantly because I do not remember a thing after that. I do not remember him leaving the house. I usually hear him leave as he has to walk past our bedroom and the laundry room is right next to it. He goes through the laundry room and out the garage in the morning. Nope, I did not hear a thing.

The second alarm went off at 6:00AM. I hit snooze. I am sure I hit it more than once. I cannot remember. I was so stinking tired I was not feeling much of anything or motivation to move at this point. I could hear the children moving around in the kitchen so I was okay with not crawling out of bed just yet. I turn the alarm off.

Of course, about 6:30AM rolls around, the door opens. I slowly roll over to see who it is. With one eye open I see that it is Kyle and I hear, “I do not feels so good and I am running a fever.” My first thought is “Fantastic!” Another child falls to the bug Lance had. I told him to get himself a bucket, take some Advil for the fever, tell Lance to hurry up, and go back to bed.

By this time, I am trying to convince myself that I need to figure out how to get my body out of bed and get up and get moving. It is not going well, however. Remember I am working on less than two hours of interrupted sleep here at this point.

Finally, Lance wanders in at 6:55AM and says, “I need help on this problem.” He shoves this piece of paper in my face. What? Now I am only partially coherent at this point as I am still groggy and half asleep. “I do not know how to do that problem, I need help.” He says. It was what I thought he said. “I thought you said you did not have math homework last night. I thought you said you did all your homework last night. What is this?” I am starting to become more awake at this point. “This was in my other folder.” This whole two homework folders thing is new to us and he keeps forgetting to check his second homework folder and this week he was absent for two days so he was doing double the homework on Wednesday and Thursday. Still that is no excuse for not checking the other homework folder. I asked to see his spelling homework as well. Last week we had a problem with him being able to follow the directions on that. Again he managed to screw that up. So we have to do one day of that over. Nothing major, just administer a written spelling test for him to take back to school.

By the time we have gotten through all this, I finally got a good look at him and realize that he is still in his pajamas. It is 7:10AM. He has been up since 6:00AM. In that time he has managed to eat breakfast and realize that he did not do his math homework. Nothing else. He still had not even made his lunch. I was definitely getting out of bed!

Kyle was in the living room. This was a far cry from “go back to bed” like he was instructed to do. However, I put him to work administering a spelling test to his brother while I got dressed and pulled myself together. I checked the spelling test while Lance made his lunch. Lance missed four words. I set him down to write those words ten times each. We were running out of time, but if I drove him there would be time to get him to school on time. This morning we drove. I was too tired to be getting on the bike…so we did not ride this morning. First non-riding day for reasons not related to circumstances beyond my control. I will get in roughly a half-mile walk this afternoon instead. It is not the same.

This is going to be a very long day.

This morning I am going to run my sister to work, drop off GT Testing Request forms at Kyle’s school, and then come home to clean the kitchen. After the kitchen if clean I am going to finish making the Creamy Chicken Enchiladas without tomatoes. For the rest of the day I have not decided what else I am going to do yet. I have some web design and graphic design work that needs to be done and that will probably take up the rest of the day. All that intermingled with laundry. I will probably be mellow today because I am so tired.

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