This is not the rest of the enchiladas

I had planned on finishing the Creamy Chicken Enchiladas and then making the [modified] Vegetarian Alfredo Lasagna for dinner. That is not what happened today.

After waking up with the migraine hangover this morning and practically not being able to get out of bed at all. It was a real struggle. I scrambled into the shower hoping for a “pick me up” that never came. The migraine hangover was probably going to win today. I did not want it to, but from the looks of it the day was not starting well.

Somehow, I still managed to make it out the door and on our way to school via bicycle. We were running late, however. This would be Lance’s fault this morning. Not mine because I took a shower starting at 7:15AM and we needed to be walking out the door by 7:45AM. No, that was not my fault. This morning, Lance was not even out of his pajamas when the alarm to alert us at 7:35AM to put our tennis shoes and gather things together so we can walk out the door by 7:45AM went off. He was no where near ready for school at 7:35AM. What had he been doing since 6:00AM? I am not entirely sure and frankly at this point, I am not entirely sure I want to know lest there be heads rolling as he already had a pretty good tongue lashing this morning. Nevertheless we made it out the door, albeit late, and on the road on the bike and made it to the school. He got his bike locked up and I was kissing him good-bye when the first bell rang. The first bell rings at 8:05AM. School starts at 8:10AM or 8:15AM. I am not exactly sure. He is usually there before 8:05AM so he is never late. I do know that they start marking kids tardy at 8:20AM.

Anyway, I managed to ride this morning in spite of the migraine hangover. I hate the migraine aftermath. It just leaves you feeling yucky and gross. I had that aura feeling coming on but I never ever actually got the aura thankfully. I had the groggy feeling. I just felt blah all day today.

Of course, there is no rest for the weary when you are me. There just is not. Things come up.

This morning my sister needed a ride to the dentist. She also needed a ride to school after that. I was happy to oblige. It just meant that as soon as I made it back to the house I literally had to turn around and leave again. I threw off the stuffy tennis shoes and slipped on the cooler flip-flops, grabbed the keys and left. I do have to say that I got breakfast out of the deal this morning so that was a good thing out of the whole morning, breakfast with my little sister.

I came home and had to clean up the kitchen again. I unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher. That is another never ending chore at my house. The laundry and the dishes never stop. They always want clothes to wear and food to eat. The clothes provide an endless supply of laundry. The food provides an endless stream of dishes. Of course, the cooking I have been doing the past few days has also increased the amount of dishes I have been doing simply because there is a lot more of the larger dishes. This is fine as there will be a lot less of the dishes the days when these delicious prepared meals come out of the freezer.

Today, because of the stream of events and the change of them, I decided that I did not want to finish up the Creamy Chicken Enchiladas and stress out the kids with yet another night of enchiladas for dinner especially since this batch of enchiladas would be without tomatoes. So I decided to do them in reverse order and do the [modified] Vegetarian Alfredo Lasagna first instead.

I boiled the boneless, skinless chicken breasts earlier this afternoon with some Penzeys Mural of Flavor seasoning. That was a fun smell in the house. Love that seasoning. I was surprised to find a nice chicken stock in the pot today after boiling the breasts.

I was originally going to chop the chicken, but the breasts were pretty tender. I made quicker work of demolishing the chicken breasts by throwing them into the bowl of my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I love my mixer. It truly is the workhorse of my kitchen. It makes quick work of shredding chicken breasts. I had all six breasts shredded very quickly.

Now I should add that my children know that I cannot modify a recipe just a little bit. They know better. Kyle calls me a tinkerer for a reason. It is not funny really. I figure if I am going to modify it, I might as well make all the changes I want to make right off the top. Sometimes it works, sometimes it flops. Most of the time it is works out in the end. That is all I hope for. We are hoping for works out in the end with this recipe as I modified it that much.

Here is my modified Chicken Veggie Alfredo Lasagna filling and other supplies ready to go. I am using the glass pan for tonight’s dinner and the foil pans for the ones that will go in the freezer.

The recipe calls for regular lasagna noodles. I prefer to use the no boil noodles. I will confess and fully admit to being a lazy cook. I do not want to boil lasagna noodles before I have to use them so I do not if I do not have to. The recipe also called for layering things in the pan. Again, I am lazy. Why layer when I can just mix it all together and plop it in the pan on top of the noodles and spread it out? You guessed it, I mixed it all together and I will be plopping it all in the pan and spreading it on top of my noodles that I did not boil beforehand. I am the model of laziness. It works for me.

A close up of my Alfredo Lasagna slop. Yummy delicious broccoli chunks, seasoning, cheese, chicken, and everything.

One uncooked Chicken and Veggie Alfredo Lasagna ready to go into the oven. Sprinkled with mozzarella cheese and ready to bake. I did learn some things with this. I might have tinkered a little bit too much in some areas and not enough in others.

Two uncooked Chicken and Veggie Alfredo Lasagnas ready to go in the oven for partial cooking before going in the freezer. I partially cook mine before freezing. You can take your pick on what you do. Since I am using the no boil noodles, I prefer to partially cook my lasagnas. I do not cook them as long as I would the one we eat for dinner. I did not quite have enough for the last one but I put more in the glass pan. In order to compensate I broke up the noodles on top of the last one so they were down in the sauce. It should work just fine.

They were not quite done when we left for karate tonight. We will eat when we return home. I turned them off and set the oven to turn back on to cook some more shortly before we will return. They looked delicious. Unfortunately, I do believe that some tinkering was a bit too much. It was the tinkering I made after the fact. Not the tinkering I made originally, but after I had made the first pan of lasagna. I should have just left well enough alone. It could have also been because they had not fully cooked when I checked on them originally. The noodles were not done yet. It is hard to tell since they were not cooked fully.

They smelled and looked wonderful. I hope they taste as good…

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