Never goes as planned…

So yesterday, I had everything planned out and ready to go. I was going along just fine and then time just ran out. I was doing just fine and then time just ran out. The kids needed me. Heaven forbid that they actually need me to do something for them right in the middle of me needing to cook, right?

So my enchilada cooking yesterday did not happen like I had planned. I have decided, however, that I need a bigger kitchen. What do you think?

This is actually just half of the enchilada fixings. That is actually just half of my kitchen counter space, but it is just not ample sometimes. By the time you put the Kitchen Aid stand mixer in the left hand corner, the knife block, the toaster oven, the toaster, the FoodSaver, the dish drainer, and all the other miscellaneous stuff, the counter space is just gone.

Maybe I should just add a moveable center island? I am not a fan of islands in small kitchens but I am okay with them in large kitchens. I personally think that my kitchen is too small. I would not be able to have a very big one so why bother? I do not know. When doing this kind of stuff, however, it would have been helpful to have that extra space.

Of course, I could have just moved it all to the table too once I got all the fixings cooked and ready to go. I thought I would be mixing up the second batch, but I felt it would be easier to just do the first batch (the family batch) and then do the second batch (the tomato free batch) after I was done.

I just kept getting interrupted. No matter what I did, I kept getting interrupted. I started as soon as I returned from my bike ride to go pick up Lance from school. I washed my hands and I dove right in. I had to stop at 3:55PM to go pick up Kyle from school. I had to stop again at 4:45PM to take Kyle to Klein High School for his Orchestra Concert dress rehearsals. I had to stop again at 5:45PM to go pick up Kyle from the high school. Traffic was much heavier by this time.

I was cutting it close. I had to finally turn up the heat on the oven…

This is what the finished Creamy Chicken Enchiladas looked like when they were baked in the oven. The boys said they were delicious. They got two thumbs up. I got other comments. Andrew said they did not really pass as true enchiladas but they were very good. Kyle said they were definitely a keeper. Lance said they were very spicy but they were good. I was told all the way around that I could make them again. That is a good thing since I had two pans of ten enchiladas and one pan of six enchiladas ready to go in the freezer.

From the experience, I would modify the recipe directions further. I simply would not reserve some of the sauce from the mixture to put on top of the enchiladas. If I was cooking some right there on the spot for dinner, I would. I would only save enough for that purpose. The rest would get mixed in for the filling. There was not enough reserved for the entirety of the rolled enchiladas. I would simply just roll and put in the pans and mix up enchilada sauce to top and top with cheese when I pull them out to cook. Enchilada Sauce in a can or pouch mix is not that expensive and is shelf stable enough to be kept on hand for that purpose. I can keep red and green sauces on hand for those times. It is not a big deal. Outside of that, the recipes directions were easy to follow.

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