That was tasty!

So the [modified] Vegetarian Alfredo Lasagna was very tasty. I licked the edge of the bowl I put it in for me as it dribbled over the edge and let me just say that it left me wanting more.

I will confess to being a little worried when I tried to cut it and dish it before leaving for karate earlier this evening. It was a soupy, runny mess. It would have been a near disaster if you asked me then. Fortunately, I knew it was not done because there was still some crunchiness in the pan so I had hope that not all was wasted. 

The first slice out of the pan. Now does that look like a soupy, runny, sloppy mess? Not exactly. It did actually set up some. I am relieved actually.

What the pan looked like after the first piece was removed. It was a little browner on top that I would have normally cooked it to, but it took us longer to get out of the karate dojo tonight. They actually ran class over tonight. I was not too worried as I could have called home if it went too long and have Andrew take it out of the oven. The brownness of the cheese actually gave it a nice crust on top.

The flavor was very good on this. The boys liked it. I got a range from good to very good. Good thing since there are two more going in the freezer.

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