The enchiladas are finished!

These took me long enough to get around to making but I did not want to have a repeat experience of the other night when I tried making the original batch of Creamy Chicken Enchiladas. I should mention again that my boys enjoyed them the other night. They were a keeper. Mommy should not be so heavy on the seasoning, however. I was being the lazy cook again and I improvised and it was fine, but I might have improvised a little too much. Maybe. Only one of my boys complained about the level of the spice–the youngest, Lance. The others were fine with it. I am sure my husband, Ben, will be fine with it too. My concern is how well the level of spice handles in the freezer. Lance will be fine especially if there is enchilada sauce, plenty of cheese, and a glass of milk handy. See I am such a loving mom.

As you already know from an earlier blog post, I had already prepared the enchilada filling. I let it sit to cool a little bit. I do not enjoy burning my fingers. Not one little bit. Alas the enchiladas were not going to roll themselves. 

Here is the array of supplies I have ready to go for the enchilada rolling party. That would be a party of one by the way. I was doing this solo. I did not even have a good friend to talk to or my sister on the phone. It was just me and my lonesome today. You need lots of tortillas, a scoop, lots of pans, and patience.

Here are all the rolled enchiladas. I learned that my tortillas were a tad smaller than the ones that I had used earlier in the week. There is nothing wrong with that, I just needed a smaller measuring scoop than the recipe recommended. It recommended 1/3 cup, I jumped down to 1/4 cup. The smaller pans that I used, I could not put the rolled tortillas in sideways so I ended up cutting parchment paper and stacking them two layers so there were still six enchiladas in the pan. The pans were deep enough for two layers. You will notice that there is no sauce. I will prepare enchilada sauce and top with cheese when I cook them. I will have to find an enchilada sauce that is safe for me to eat.

Here are my pans covered with two layers of aluminum foil. They are all labeled with their contents and have their cooking instructions. They are all dated and ready to stack in the freezer.

Looking at this and the relatively short amount of time it took me to roll all of the enchiladas, it really does give me a huge sense of pride. It took me less than an hour to roll of all of this. Since it most likely will be just me eating these this will be a lot of meals in the freezer and lots of leftovers after cooking them.

I know many of you want the recipe. I will post both enchilada recipes in a little while after I have actually tried them. I have mine coming out of the oven.

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