Two still can fit

We have lived in this house almost eleven years. It has served us well thus far. We decided when we moved into the house that we were always going to park two cars in the garage. Up until my sister moved in, we were doing just that.

When my sister moved in, there was something about extra stuff and the fact that an extra car made it easier to not park two cars in the garage. Something about ten bicycles in the garage made it mighty difficult to get that second car in the garage anyway. For a while, I did park my car in the garage. I was granted that luxury, but I have to say that it was not really a luxury when the luxury is a bigger inconvenience than anything else. Yes, it is nice to park in the garage but when you have to have someone else move their car every single time you want to go somewhere or even come home, it is just a complete pain. So even I started parking my car in the driveway.

Then my sister moved out. We thought, “Great! We will get both cars back in the garage.” We tried. We still had some of my sister’s stuff in the garage for a little while. That went away. Still we could not get both cars in the garage. Something about the boys’ bikes getting bigger over the year’s time. See we could get all the bikes to fit when they were smaller, but Santa had brought the two older boys new bigger bikes for Christmas that year. That was awesome! One problem, they did not fit in the garage!

Well today, I managed to clear out the garage and make everything fit. It is not perfect and it can still use a bit of work, but I do believe that we can get the other car in the garage. You can tell by the dark spots on the floor where the tires sit…I do believe it will fit. It will be a tight fit, but I think we did it. Once we get some bikes mounted on the walls and/or ceiling and lawn equipment mounted up on the walls we should be pretty good.

It has only been a little over a year since my sister moved out (July 2011) and we had that grand thought, “We can get both cars in the garage again.”

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