Got a little carried away

The last week has been profitable. It was a crazy week, but to look at the end results, it was fruitful. It was a bountiful week. Remember I said you should not overlook the small accomplishments? Well sometimes those small accomplishments turn into much larger accomplishments.

When I loaded my freezer yesterday I knew it had been an okay week. When I loaded my freezer this evening, I knew that in spite of all the of the craziness and interruptions that it had been a great week. When I returned to my freezer this evening with the second of my loads of enchiladas, I had a smile on my face.

There I stood before the fruits of my labors….

This is the top shelf of my upright deep freeze. It is full! You will notice that there are even pans of stuff that were moved down to the shelf below because they did not fit. To give you the magnitude of this, some of those are two deep.

I could not help but smile because I did that. I made that happen. It took a little bit of planning. It took a little bit more work. It took a few more trips to the store because my planning was not quite right. I followed the directions in the recipes and I rounded up even and I still fell short.

Of course, there is still work to be done. In a few days when everything is good and frozen everything will need to be removed and put in FoodSaver bags and sealed up for longer storage and labeled on the front edge of the bag. You can see a couple of the older items already in them.

I am feeling really accomplished right now. I did that.

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