No ride today…

Lance was still sick last night with a fever so I kept him home from school today. This morning he was complaining about a very sore throat. Unfortunately, that is never good in this house from personal past experience. Vomiting, fever, and sore throat often means strep so I called the doctor and managed to get him in for to see the nurse practitioner, Dorothy. This morning he was fever free which was a good sign, but I know from experience with Kyle that lack of a fever means absolutely nothing when it comes to the strep bug.

We went in for his appointment at 10:20AM and it was a normal appointment. He has managed to grow a little bit for us. He his now a whole 4 foot 2 inches tall. He even weights over sixty pounds. For anyone that knows Lance, know that this is a big deal. Lance is a featherweight when it comes to the weight department. He has barely broken the sixty pound category this year and he is going on eight years old. Compared to his brothers, this is a good fifteen to twenty pounds lighter. He is also a bit shorter than his brothers were if my memory serves me right.

The nurse swabbed his throat for the strep test. Fortunately, that did come back negative so we are not dealing with strep. It does not have flu like symptoms. He does act like it is the flu. His fever is not actually as high as I would expect but it is fairly constant when not being treated. He also has a fairly constant headache.

The verdict is that he has one of the not so friendly viruses going around. It will just have to run its course.

If he does not spike another fever, he can go back to school tomorrow. However, it is now 2:15PM and he just came in and told me that he did not feel so well again. The last time I heard that, it was quickly followed by not so pleasant sounds and smells being emitted forcefully from his mouth. Driving while someone is throwing up in the back seat is not fun. Fortunately, we are at home. Unfortunately, I do have to go back out to fetch his older brother from school in about forty-five minutes. I hope he keeps it together in the meantime.

I can tell you that it was hard to jump start my body this morning without that ride. I am grateful for the rest. My thigh muscles are feeling better. Last week’s very windy rides left my thigh muscles very sore and achy. They are feeling much better today after four days off, but the rest of me is just dragging. Of course that could have something to do with the fact that the last two days have been very early mornings (before 5AM) for me and I am in general not a morning person.

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