I should be rolling burritos

I am exhausted. There is no other way to explain how I feel right now. I am not a morning person so even though I have gone to bed earlier than usual the last couple of nights, the earlier mornings have counter acted the earlier nights. I am exhausted. Early mornings and seemingly long days just take their toll on me. Before anyone makes the suggestion, naps do not help me. They just make it worse. I did catch a nap on Monday afternoon. I was sitting in the chair and fell asleep for who knows how long. It did not help at all. I am still exhausted right now.

I did manage to get the fillings for the burritos made. That was as far as I made it. I was so tired after making the two different types of burrito fillings that it was as far as I got. I had planned on making the enchiladas as well. Two different types as well. Everyone is probably wondering why I inflict this double life on myself, but it is what it is. It is double the work, but it is none of the digestive pain. It is worth the work. The problem is that I cannot always judge how I am going to feel after the events of the day.

Yesterday, however, I did manage to get the burrito fillings made. One with tomatoes for my family and one without tomatoes for me. I even made it to Walmart to get larger tortillas in vast quantities. I made my life easier and even bought smaller bags of Mexican style cheese to just dump into the burrito filling instead of measuring it out. I was tired, what can I say? Sometimes ease of use outweighs cost. I will be adding more cheese to them as a roll them, but at least this way I know that they have the same amount of cheese already in them and it was quick and easy. I simply opened the already measured bags and dumped them in the bowl and mixed. I then covered the bowls, labeled the plastic wrap with a Sharpie marker, and placed the bowls in the fridge to roll them in the morning.

The morning of course, being today. That was before I had to take Lance to the doctor and I ended being completely wiped out from the whole experience. I just cannot get my body moving today. I want to crawl back into bed and go back to sleep. I will not lie. I want to go to bed and sleep.

Now that all of the boys are home from school, the harsh reality is that I now must face the task of making dinner again. I can be the not so great mom and make them eat left overs again. I can be the even less great mom and make them eat sandwiches or cereal for dinner. Or I can somehow pull myself together and go roll burritos or make something else. Either way, dinner is going to have to be made in the next hour and a few minutes because the kids’ after school activities start happening then. Well, I need to be rushing them out the door to get them to their activities anyway.

I was informed that I need to go to an IB Parent Meeting at the high school tonight for Andrew. That was on the calendar. There is a problem with this since I have a child at home sick and I cannot just leave him home alone. Ben is out of town on business this week. Kyle has to be at the karate dojo for his off-campus PE credits. Andrew so kindly weaseled his way out of going to karate tonight by volunteering himself to watching his little brother so I would go to this “important” IB Parent Meeting tonight. Evidently they are going to be talking about some of the stuff that he can start on this summer after he completes his sophomore year and he wants to know more about it. I get that. I understand that even. The problem I have with this is that these meetings are always less than informative and I feel they are a huge waste of my time. I am so tired of hearing about why my child should be in IB or stay in IB. My child has already made that decision. Can we get down to discussing things that are going to impact my child now that he is in the IB program and how to make his life easier as an IB student? Instead it is always the same song and dance about how great it is and why they should do it. Got that, thanks.

Of course, I am still sitting here dreading the whole making dinner thing. I do not want to. I simply do not want to make dinner. Why do I have to make dinner? Tonight of all nights? All I have to do is going roll a few tortillas filled with mixture and put them in the pan and bake them for a few minutes and I am good but I am so exhausted I do not even want to do that. Really. I am so stinking tired. I am running on steam here…

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