Mustered enough energy

I managed to muster enough energy up to roll enough burritos for dinner. That equates to six burritos for the boys and two burritos for me. Eight burritos all together. That does not seem like much, but it does take a little bit of time to find the right pan in the mess we call a cupboard of glass bake ware, find the right size measuring scoop, pull out the burrito filling bowls, the cheese, and the tortillas. I even had to turn on the oven. That is all work.

Now do not laugh too hard at my glass bake ware mess of a cupboard. I know you all have one. That is, of course, if you have children that help with the dishes. You all know exactly what I am talking about. It is the cupboard that you open with caution and pray that things do not fall out when the doors open because it could be hazardous. At the very least, it is going to be a mess to clean up if anything takes too far of a tumble to its impending fateful doom – the tile floor below. I know they mean well with helping, but the rush and the fact that their heart was only half into it attempt to put things away properly and neatly is just the way it is around here most of the time. Okay almost all of the time, especially in that cabinet. If I am lucky and I catch a child victim in the right location at the opportune time, I inflict the task of stacking everything neatly and orderly in there but that does not always happen.

At least now the mystery of where the missing bread pans were is solved. They were in the cabinet. I was not hallucinating when I thought I had more bread pans than I saw in the cupboard earlier this week. I really did. I found them just a few minutes ago. Of course, they were not stacked neatly with the other bread pans, they were just piled in there where they did not belong. Just thrown in there at random where ever they fit and where ever they did not upset the balance of the cupboard. I have to give them credit that they have not broken more of my glass bake ware in the last thirteen years than they have. My plates and bowls on the other hand have not fared so well.

Things that I would like to accomplish tomorrow:

  • Roll burritos. Roll a lot of burritos. I have two large bowls of burrito filling to roll. I bought eighty tortillas. I used eight tonight. I am not sure that I need all eighty, but it is better to have enough than to run out when I get started. I hate starting and stopping when I get on a roll. Pun intended. 
  • Make the Creamy Chicken Enchiladas. I smaller tortillas to make the enchiladas with. I can actually make both sizes if I run out of smaller tortillas because I do not have as many small ones as I do larger ones. This of course involves me removing the meat from another rotisserie chicken. 
  • Make the Vegetarian Alfredo Lasagna. I am adding chicken to mine and removing the tomatoes that the recipe originally calls for. I have chicken in the fridge that needs to be cooked so I will probably get to this before I get to the enchiladas now that I think about it.
  • Buy fabric will be used to make quilt that will be a Christmas gift. I have picked out the general pattern that I am going to use. I need to pick out the ten or eleven fabrics that I want to use. I know the general theme(s) of fabric prints I want to use. I just need to go find them and get them. I will be making the quilt bigger than the pattern indicates so I need to figure out how much more fabric I need to purchase first.
  • Finish some client website work. I have some color issues with one website and I would like to narrow those down and start to finalize things so we can move on and finish the project completely. 
  • Ride eight miles on the bike.

I will not lie that right now that list is looking pretty ambitious when compared to my energy level right now. Some of the items are even dependent on whether or not the sick child goes to school in the morning.

Tomorrow evening will be crazy starting as soon as I pick up the middle child from school (not the normal procedure). He has a concert dress rehearsal after school about fifteen minutes after he would step in the house from riding the bus home. School gets out about an hour before he needs to be at the dress rehearsal. I told him I would take pity on him and pick him up from school. I will be hopping tomorrow evening going from one location to another running kids every which way. I am not looking forward to it.

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