Four weeks down…

So we have made it four weeks into the school year and so far we have not had any major events stop us from riding. This is good actually. My asthma is holding steady. No injuries. So far we have not even had any real falls. This is good. I am wearing some good bruises, but those will heal.

We have not had too many close calls with cars trying to run us over or run us off the road. This is even better. We have had this one particular pick-up truck that gets a little close to us. He has been a problem before (last year) but I now have his license plate number and I have managed to locate his house in the neighborhood after the three incidents we have had this year. If we have any more incidents there will be a phone call to the sheriff’s and/or constable’s office and he will not like the results that follow. I am not putting up with it anymore. He has had his three strikes this year as far as I am concerned, any more and it is an automatic call to the authorities with harassment issues.

Last week the total for my riding brought me up to 108.5 miles in three weeks. That is not half bad for someone who cannot stand to sweat and exercise is not my first choice of activity to do. I would rather do just about anything.

This week we managed to ride all five days, both ways, thus bringing my total up to 148.5 miles.

This week ahead is going to be shortened because tomorrow we are going to be in court. No ride for me on Monday. Hopefully Lance will be feeling better and be back to school and we will be back to riding again on Tuesday.

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