Made more progress than I expected

I actually made more progress today than I expected. I have even been able to sit down and have a leisurely lunch. The first time I have had one of those all week. It was nice.

I did receive a call back from Kyle’s junior high school counselor. It was a paperwork mix up. She was not sure why the off-campus PE list did not include him. I had inquired about the forms that the off-campus establishment has to submit back to the school at report card time when I was in there on Tuesday picking up the GT Testing request forms and that is when I found out that Kyle was not technically in off-campus PE. That was not good. The person I spoke to Ms Brazile did not handle the schedule issues for 7th grade so I would have to speak to Ms McClay. So I would have to call back because she was unavailable at the time. That was fine because I needed to rush out the doors anyway and go pick up my sister and take her to work. Of course I got busy and distracted on both Wednesday and Thursday thus forgetting to call. The problem, however, has been solved since I left my detailed voice mail message this morning. Evidently his paperwork requesting off-campus PE was in the off-campus PE folder with everyone else but his name had not been added to the list. Kyle should have his hour submission forms to give to the establishment (the karate dojo) by the time he leaves school today. He can give them to Carole at the dojo on Monday. Problem is solved. Only a minor problem. I am just glad that we caught it when we did because if it had gone too much longer, he would have missed credit for the first six weeks grading period and then we would have had other issues to deal with. Fortunately, we were alerted to the problem because the dojo had not received the forms yet and they asked about them and I in turn asked about them when I was at the school and now it is all taken care of.

Now to recap the rest of the accomplishments so far today.

The two bathrooms that I was focusing on today are mostly clean. At least as far as I was going to do. I did manage to find some cleaner to clean the shower in the master bath with. I at least sprayed it down. I have not been back in there to actually wipe down the walls. Since I have this aversion to actually scrubbing the walls in the shower, it is very low on my priority list right now. I still need to clean the mirrors in both bathrooms. Everything else has had a light cleaning. Alas it is not a deep cleaning, but it is enough for now. It will work and keep me appeased for now.

All that is left of the laundry is a load of towels and a load of extra bed linens. Now keep in mind that I have a complete aversion to actually folding laundry so there is this huge mound of unfolded laundry that has been building over the last few days. My children asked me to wash clothes for them. They know that if I wash them they have to fold them. I did my part. They have not done their part. There are baskets of clothes that are waiting to be folded. I should sort them into individual baskets by person and say “take your basket and get busy” when they get home so that they go away.

I have spent some time working on the one website and logo project I have at hand. It did not go as I had planned. I got more frustrated than anything. I ended up switching the one logo out for the other alternative logo to see if it worked better. Like I said, the logo has not been finalized yet. It is down to a choice of two. I think I need to draw up a list of serious questions about content at this point. Maybe that will help shape this a little bit.

I have typed up and printed out a cooking plan and what items this plan involves. Now I need to figure out how many items I need to do all of the items to completion. My guess is that I will end up doing just a couple of these items right now and then doing a couple more later. I say this because these can be big meals because they are out of my “freezer cookbooks” and I am going to cook a regular version for everyone else and then a “clean” version for me. Essentially I will be cooking two meals for every recipe. That is a lot of food.

The good thing about it is that every recipe puts at least one meal in the freezer and since I will be doing it double, it will put double that. Some of the recipes call for 9″x13″ pans and I typically do the freezer meals in 8″x8″ pans so I can usually get one more meal out of them as well. What I need to do is make a decision.

I also put on the cooking plan some breakfast and bread items that I did not put the ingredients down for because I do have most of those items already on hand, it is just a matter of making them up. There are few items I do not have but they are minimal.

At any rate, I have decisions to make. I need to make a decision and then make a master shopping list and then just go shopping.

I still need to finish cleaning the kitchen.

My time for the getting things done efficiently has run out. I have about 10 minutes before I need to start getting my tennis shoes on and preparing to go out to go pick Lance back up from school. The weather today was beautiful. It is only 84˚F outside right now. It should be a lovely bike ride back to the school as long as the wind is not blowing too badly.

All in all, it has been a good day. I feel like I got a lot done. I did not get everything done that I needed or wanted to get done, but I feel like I accomplished something. That is a good thing.

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