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There is no rest for the weary when you have a “to do” list as long as what I am faced with today. Fortunately, I do still have to sit down long enough to eat. I am taking this opportunity to slow down long enough to digest my food a little as it was 10:30AM before I got to breakfast. As seeing I burnt off all of those calories this morning on the bike ride taking Lance to school and then my return trip home, I should probably consume more than a bowl of plain ordinary Cheerios but that is what I was in the mood for and that was all I was hungry for.

The list is slowly being whittled away this morning.

I have already quickly cleaned the half bath. It is going to need a much deeper cleaning soon, but this will work for now. All that is left in there is to take the trash out and give the toilet one more once over with a toilet cleaner and brush. I already did it once but it was looking pretty gross so it will get another go around in a little while. The bathroom overall looks and of course smells better. That will suffice for now.

Of course it was upon cleaning the half bath that I discovered that my archaic Swiffer thing was decomposing. I have had it since the things came into existence forever ago. I guess I am going to have to break down and go buy a new one. I do not use it every day but when I do use it I use it a lot. It is a life saver when I use it.

The master bath got a partial quick once over too, but it is going to have to wait for more later. Mostly it got floor attention and the toilet got cleaned. Those are the big items, right? I’ll go in and wipe down the sinks in a little while. Of course I discovered that I did not have anything left to clean the shower with so that is just going to have to wait until I have time to run to the store to get some more. I did, however, get all but one load of laundry off the floor in there and the washer just rang its little happy tune to alert me that it is done with another load of laundry and I can start that last load. At least the toilet is mostly clean. Again it will get another once over with cleaner and brush in a little while when I do the half bath again.

I have even mixed up a weed killing concoction that I found on the internet to kill the weeds in the front flower beds. Or at least try. We have had problems with weeds for a couple of years. The droughts will increase the problems. Since we have had a couple of years of droughts it only compounds the problems. Now that we have had ample rain, the weeds are basking in the fact that they have flowerbeds that are getting watered to grow in. I hate weeds and I hate pulling them even more. Anyway I found this concoction that supposedly kills weeds and grass effectively. It is a mix of apple cider vinegar, Dawn dish soap, and salt. So I mixed up some and I went out a few minutes ago and poured it on the weeds that had invaded the space in front of the flower bed, between the driveway and the brick wall surrounding the flower bed right by the driveway. We will see. I was not shy about applying liberally. In fact, I was so not shy that I just poured it right over the top of them generously. Die weeds, die!

I have scraped the stuck on junk out of the kitchen sink. It was bothering me. A bunch of food got left in the sink and then dishes piled up in the sink and…well I could say that they got done right away, but I would be lying to you so I will not. The fact is that they piled up for a couple of days until someone had enough time to do them. Weeks like this week just happen and it just goes that way. Weeks when my husband travels are often like that. It happens. We deal with it. Anyway, the food got stuck on the inside of the sink and well it finally got to me. I had to scrape it off to get it to come off. Naturally no one else took the time to scrub the sink out with the sponge when they did the dishes so it just compounded the problem all week long. Anyway, problem solved now. Looks better already. It is almost clean enough in the kitchen for me to want to start cooking. Almost.

Now I need to decide just what I am going to do with the items in the fridge. I want to fix things that require me to go to the store for the least amount of items. I just do not want to go to the store. I am being lazy today. I know that comes as a surprise after reading all that I have to do and have done, but I do not want to run around today. I have been running around crazy all week and today I want to be a home body and not be rushing everywhere and still make sure I get everything else done too. I do not need the added stress today. So I need to sit down and figure out just what I am going to make and figure out what I need to get if anything. Hopefully it is nothing, or if it is something it is a quick run into the store for a handful of items.

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