The laundry is never done

Having a house of three boys the laundry is never done – ever. They are sure to make a mess on something. That I have accepted since the oldest was much younger than the youngest. I have learned to just roll with it and keep the washer running, constantly rotating the loads of laundry through it.

Of course, as was indicated by the summer of 2009, when the washer dies it becomes a crisis. It just cannot happen at my house. Naturally, it will always happen with a load of clothes in it. I am pleased to announce that I am still in love with my new LG front loading washer two years later. It is still washing clothes every day multiple times a day.

I did manage to get all the laundry piles down to next to nothing on the first floor. I did not look upstairs because the children bring their laundry down to me when called for, they need something, or they are yelled at for having messy bedrooms or a messy bathroom. I had recently done a mountain of their laundry so I should be okay for a couple of days. Mind you, it will only be a couple of days.

Alas, my husband came home from his business trip. He unpacked his suitcase. Now I have piles of laundry again. The boys did the lawn this morning. Now I have even more laundry that is even stinky and gross. Oh joy!

Like I said, the laundry never stops. They just keep wearing clothes day after day…

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