Not the last brown belt test…

While this might be Kyle’s last Brown Belt test, this is not the last Brown Belt test that I will witness. I still have one more child to go in karate…so that is why this not the last brown belt test. It IS Kyle’s LAST BROWN BELT test, but it is not mine. Way to go, Kyle! You have worked hard to get here and I am proud of you! Keep it up, you’ll be a black belt before you know it.

Now a karate test should be a serious time, especially when you are only one step away from black belt. That does not mean that the child taking the test is serious. Kyle could not resist the opportunity to crack this funny! Relax, the sai are not that pointy on the ends so there was no risk of him actually stabbing his head. However, his mother could not resist the urge to laugh hysterically at this one OR take the picture as indicated by the evidence that the picture exists. I love this child! He really is full of it most of the time.

Like I said, the child is “full of it” most of the time. He is definitely full of goofy grins. He is full of smiles and definitely can bring a smile to almost anyone’s face…usually at his own expense. You would never know from looking at him that he was about to take his 3rd level brown belt test, would you?

One thing that I do like about where we are at for karate (Champions Bushido – Houston Nationals Karate) is that it is not all 100% serious. There is always opportunity to have some fun. Check out Lance’s face. He found something he likes. It was the owner’s birthday and everyone got to participate in celebrating with cake and cupcakes. Food in the dojo? Yep they made an exception to the rule that day. Lance was happy because there was cake.
More of Kyle and his happy face. I don’t think he’s figured out that he’s about to take his karate test. Oh wait, maybe he’s so happy because he’s finally testing after such a long wait for it. Yes, that is probably it. This test has been a long time coming. He’s READY for it.

Instructor Ms Carol Parenti with the Little Dragons class. They were doing “self control” drills. This particular one was particularly wiggly and giggly…

 Instructor Ms Carol Parenti issuing the “Tickle Torture” test on Lance! He was the FIRST to not move a muscle…wiggle or giggle…during the test. Go Lance!

A very proud Lance for passing the “tickle torture” test. He had his feet tickled for about a minute and he didn’t move a muscle. He was the first of the kids to pass the test.
Way to go, Lance! Way to pass that “tickle torture” test! I think you have every right to be proud of that accomplishment. Not everyone who is ticklish can even dream of passing that test and you laid there with all your friends watching and wiggling and giggling and you passed!!!
Check out Lance’s face! I am not sure what he was doing, but I will document this one for all of forever.
The kids all singing “Happy Birthday” to Grand Master Johnnie Murphy. Kyle is on the right at the back. Yes, he sung fully animated. Love that child!

 And Kyle’s final brown belt test begins after an hour workout…He tested with 2 other people. He was testing for his 3rd stripe, another their 2nd stripe, the last green belt.

Kyle running his sai form for his test.

Kyle getting his 3rd stripe from Grand Master Johnnie Murphy. Way to go, Kyle! You did an AWESOME job on this test!

 Grand Master Johnnie Murphy presenting Kyle with his certificate of rank advancement.

Next stop…black belt…You can do it, Kyle! You have come a long way and I am very proud of you!!!

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