We have another Boy Scout!

Tonight was the last Cub Scout Pack Meeting we will attend for Kyle. Tonight was the Arrow of Light and Crossing Over Ceremony for the three boys in the pack that have turned 11 years old in the past couple of months. Each of the boys have worked really hard to finish up all of the requirements for their Arrow of Light Award. Way to go boys!

The meeting was held at a local park, Spring Creek Park. Here is Lance entertaining himself while he waits patiently for the leaders to get everything set up. Looks like he needs a little bit bigger shirt.

Setting up the teepee for the Indian theme of the ceremony presentation. The Cub Scout leaders recruited some of the older Boy Scouts to help with the ceremony. Incidentally, the Boy Scouts involved had parents or brothers involved in the ceremony in someway. Andrew had bother parents as either Scout or Cub Scout leaders and his brother was being awarded. Ben’s brother was being awarded. And Tyler’s mother is one of the Cub Scout Den Leaders. Recruitment of Boy Scouts was not difficult at all.

My oldest niece, Victoria. This is just a lovely picture of her. I hope that she knows that she is beautiful.

Ben and Andrew playing with the fire on the citronella candles. Since Harris County (and most of Texas) is under an outdoor burn ban due to the relentless drought conditions, this is the only fire the ceremony would be experiencing in spite of the “fire pit” on site at the park.

Ben and Andrew still playing with fire. What is it with boys and Boy Scouts and fire?

Andrew trying to explain himself and get himself out of trouble?

Kyle showing off his Indian Headdress.

Kyle showing off his goofy face.

Kyle being serious. This is a hard face for him to do. See the sideways slant of his mouth? He was having a hard time.

The older Boy Scouts (Tyler, Andrew, and Ben) having a Pow Wow and getting ready for the ceremony.

The leaders getting ready for the ceremony. Valerie Murphy putting an headdress on Jeff Crook.

Our Cub Scout Leaders truly love their callings. Valerie Murphy adding feathers to her hair. She dutifully helped all the boys advance and it shows on her face how excited she is to see them move on though she’ll be sad to no longer be their leader.

One Boy Scout (Andrew) on a perch.

Two Boy Scouts (Andrew and Ben) on a perch.

All the Cub Scouts (and Webelos) participating in the Pack Meeting. We have a small pack but it is full of so much energy. Tracy Jackson is our other Den Leader (on left of picture).

Justin doing a dance or something. He has such a sweet spirit and so much energy. One of our Webelos who recently turned 11 and was crossing over to Boy Scouts tonight.

My nephew, Darin, getting his awards. He got a lot of them. Way to go, Darin! Left to right: Clint Humpherys, Valerie Murphy, Tracy Jackson, and Darin Walmsley.

Darin looking happy with his bag of awards.

Justin getting his awards. His dad came out for the evening. Left to right: Tracy Jackson, Valerie Murphy, Justin Durham, and Adrian Durham.

Kyle getting his awards. Left to right: Tracy Jackson, Valerie Murphy, and Kyle Sansom.

Pack Meetings and the awards are not all for the children. Jeff Crook awarding Valerie Murphy with her award. Way to go, Valerie!!!

The evening wouldn’t be complete without entertainment. Leaders doing a skit.

Ben Sansom leading us all in a song/cheer.

More entertainment. The boys do a skit.

Presentation of the Arrow of Light Awards.

Left to right: Kyle Sansom, Josh Humpherys, Justin Durham, and Clint Humpherys.

Crossing Over. Presentation of the Arrows to the Scout Leaders. Andrew presented his brother, Kyle.

The new Boy Scouts taking the Scout Oath.

All in all it was a lovely evening. There were only a few mosquitoes thanks to the persistent lack of rain. The temperatures were not too unbearable yet. It was of course hard to make the smores without the fire, but the kids all enjoy the pieces all the same.

Congratulations Kyle on your crossing over to Boy Scouts!

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