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Andrew is a good kid all the way around. There is no denying it. I am his mother so I have to think that, but other people assure me it is the truth. I like to think that they are telling me the truth. I also like to think that sometimes you can be truly rewarded for your hard work and general “awesomeness.” Tonight was one of those unique opportunities where you get those “once in a lifetime” rewards for just being who you are. Andrew, your mother and father are proud of you. Keep it up!
Andrew as invited to attend the 2011 Sam Houston Area Council Boy Scouts of America Distinguished Family Award Dinner with a family friend of ours, Aaron Skidmore. It was an unique opportunity because the company he works for purchased the tickets and told him to go find some Boy Scouts to take to the dinner. Of course, Aaron, having actively served in the Young Mens and Boy Scouts program at church had a collection of Boy Scouts to hand pick from. Andrew was among those he selected from. This was an all out gala affair. Big fundraising dinner for the local boy scout council. It is a big deal. It is a true honor. The plates are expensive – $500-1000 each. Black tie affair. These boys were getting dolled up for the evening. Aaron arranged for each of the boys to get fitted for tuxedos.
Andrew all dressed up and ready to go. Waiting for his ride, Aaron Skidmore, to come and get him for his night out on the town. Here he clearly had a thought and was “up to something.” 
The “something” that he was “up to” is as follows…

Andrew was having a “Bond” moment. Love that child!

Of course, his mother took this opportunity to get some “good” pictures of him. He entertained his mother by not hiding from the camera.

This is the one I printed in an 8×10 the next day. It is framed and on the fireplace mantle. I am not sure that’s where it will stay, but it is framed. I have never framed a picture so fast as I have this one. It is just a great picture of a great kid! I truly love this picture and it brings a smile to my face when I see it. Just knowing that he truly enjoyed himself and he enjoyed the “tuxedo” experience also brings a smile to my face.


He even makes a tuxedo look good. He reported that he enjoyed the evening. He even tried a lot of foods that he knew that he normally would not have touched. I am so proud of him. He was proud to report back on what he learned about the Tellespen family who the awards dinner was honoring that evening. More than anything though, he set an example of how you should act and if you do what you should be doing, you can be rewarded for your hard work. 
Love you, Andrew! You keep on doing what you do! You rock! 

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  1. WOW Andrew. So grow up yet do 'real'. I love the Bond photos. You'll need to teach your dad how to 'pose' for pictures so he'll be ready on other 'dressed-up' affairs. He didn't seem to possess your spontaneity at my wedding!

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