Testing already?

Lance started karate in October. I didn’t think that he could get more excited than the first couple of times he went. He was really excited. I was mistaken in that assumption. Last night Kyle was telling me that they want to do his karate test next week. Great! He’ll be testing for 2nd degree brown belt.

Lance is more than happy to tell me that he’s going to be getting a different belt. What?!?! Evidently Kyle telling me about his test was a reminder for him. It can’t be that time already. I am going to stay in denial a wee bit longer.

Evidently it is as Andrew told me that they were doing a test review last night for the little ones and the test is on Wednesday. Guess I should go get more tapes for the digital camcorder as I now have two karate tests to video tape.

Lance was SO EXCITED at that fact that he’ll be getting a new belt.

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